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Explore the captivating contradictions of one of U.S. history’s most divisive figures with the celebrated West Point professor and author of Confounding Father: Thomas Jefferson’s Image in His Own Time.

Thomas Jefferson was the first secretary of state, second vice president, and third president of the United States. A polymath who championed education and religious freedom, he drafted the Declaration of Independence and made more attempts than any other officeholder of his generation to end slavery. Yet he remained a slaveholder throughout his life. A diplomat who charmed people abroad, at home he was a lightning rod of controversy—both loved and hated, revered and reviled.

Join West Point history professor Robert McDonald as he tells the story of the life of one of history’s most fascinating men. In 15 energetic lectures, McDonald—a noted expert on Jefferson, the American Revolution, and the Early Republic—seeks to explain Jefferson as a man of his times. The results will by turns surprise, delight, and confound you, challenging what you think you know about the third president’s life and era.

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Robert McDonald
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April 28

Customer Reviews

Winston Bloom ,

An excellent course

This course is fantastic. A brilliant expert on the American Revolution, Rob McDonald is the right person to teach this course. Oh yeah, it’s not exactly an audiobook the way I would normally expect. This is a far more conversational and engaging, almost like you’re sitting in th classroom with him at West Point. Not just very interesting content, but an excellent delivery.

jgh3115 ,

Great Teacher and Storyteller

Loved this. The format is unique in that it’s a hybrid between an audiobook and a podcast. The content is substantive, but the author doesn’t read from a script, which I found makes the presentation more engaging.

Speaking of the author (Rob McDonald), he is a professor at West Point and an expert on Jefferson. What stands out is his storytelling ability. McDonald paints vivid portraits of Jefferson’s life before and after the Revolution. Many awesome stories are included about Jefferson’s, and McDonald is also not afraid of touching upon some of the controversial topics of this great man.

5 Stars!

Odin Anderson ,

The ideal history course

Jefferson was a remarkable person living during a pivotal time. Prof McDonald puts his story in context and in so doing presents a history course replete with insights into the man and the nature of our nation. He gets the history right while providing anecdotes and stories that made his lectures a listening joy. Highly recommend.

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