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The Time Bandit is the fishing vessel that Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand use to hook the "deadliest catch," Alaskan king crabs and opilio crabs, in the Bering Sea, a dangerous and mercurial body of water that can steal years from a fisherman's life. The Hillstrand brothers, however, are the real "thieves." They take valuable crabs from the sea while facing its dangers head on. In pursuit of their daily catch, the brothers brave ice floes and heaving sixty-foot waves, gusting winds of eighty miles per hour, unwieldy and unpredictable half-ton steel crab traps, and an injury rate of almost 100 percent. There are fewer than 400 fishermen of this kind in the United States, and early death is a common fate. But the Hillstrand brothers are drawn to the drama and adventure of life on the high seas, as was their grandfather before them. They don't complain about the risks and dangers-this is their world.

Biographies & Memoirs
William Dufris
hr min
May 19
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

PohlRBear ,

I absolutly enjoyed this book.

I am a fan of the show Deadliest Catch. Watching these guys on TV has reminded me of the fishermen I knew growing up in the Pacific Northwest. This book will expand your understanding of Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand as well as the people and lives around them. It turns out that Johnathan may be a big toughguy on the outside but is quite the thoughtful poet when it come to pondering the mysteries of the world.

Enjoy, well worth it.

Oh. A side note. Malcolm MacPherson must watch the show. When he reads the "voice" of Andy and Johnathan he doesn't necessarily sound like them but speaks like them. It's an excellent narration.

angel dog ,

enjoying it

i just downloaded this book i have a learning disableity in reading and find it alot better to unstand when i can listen to it i will be downloading more books form here when i finish this one the is really good and funny to hear stories of the hillstand boys and thank god they are not mine lol i will put a new reveiw when i finish it

cassandra1645 ,


I really like this book & the story. I HATE the narrator of the book though. He is really annoying. I wish that Johnathan, Andy or possibly Mike Rowe had narrated this. Anybody but this guy.

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