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For Lady Sabrina, it's a case of too many suitors…Lady Sabrina Grayson is embarking on her first season, but she's no blushing ingénue. She knows exactly what she wants: a calm, sensible husband very much like Lord Francis Fairford - and very unlike her childhood nemesis, the dark and devilish Henry, Viscount Montgomery. Yet no matter how much she insists that she will not be beholden to desire, the irrepressible Henry insists on kissing her.

Worse, Sabrina can't help kissing him back…Her ardent response to Henry's touch leaves him no doubt. She wants him, not Fairford, or any of the other suitors trying to win her hand. But her determination to land the proper husband may lead her to danger. If the only way to keep the rebellious beauty safe is to compromise her into marriage, then Henry will wage a wicked seduction…and enjoy every salacious minute of it.

Justine Eyre
hr min
October 2
Brilliance Audio

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Jasmyn9 ,

Fun and Exciting

Sabrina is a bit of a jaded woman. She has seen how her father's infidelity hurt her mother - but only because her mother loved him. So she has sworn off love and is looking for a man she can tolerate long enough to make an heir and a spare and then live their separate lives. But that is becoming more difficult than she originally thought. Instead of finding the one perfect suitor, she ends up with four imperfect ones - including Henry.

When Henry is re-introduced to Sabrina he finds himself incredibly attracted to her. But even though everyone is certain they will make a terrific match, she shuns him again and again. He watches her accumulate several other suitors but knows she will never really be happy with any of them. Then he realizes that one of them is a horrible person that does not have anything near her best interests at heart.

Each of Sabrina's suitors was such a different personality. As characters, they played well off of each other and really showed quite a span of male personalities. Watching her interact with them was very amusing at times, and at times very scary (especially once we figure out who and why the bad guy is). It's impossible not to root for Henry every step of the way.

This was a great historical romance. It had every element I look for in it, and I loved that it was missing the lying and hiding that tends to be a common theme between main couples lately. There was just enough intrigue and excitement and you really got to see just how fickle the ton could be. I loved every second of it.

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