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Stephen Sadler reluctantly attends the Seattle wedding of Robert Chamberlain to Ellie Standish, the woman who had captured his interest. There he says goodbye to the woman he thought he had fallen for. Only a few weeks later while traveling on a train, Stephen is confronted by the vision of a strange wild-haired woman in a pair of snug-fitting trousers called "jeans" who claims she doesn't know where she is or how she came to be on his train - until she sees the date on the newspaper, that is.

Dani Douglas cannot travel through time! Her mother in Montana is ill, and she has to get back to her. But the crystal clear blue eyes of handsome Stephen Sadler hold her captive in 1901, and she doesn't know how to leave him - perhaps forever.

Stephen realizes that Dani a nd Ellie have much in common, but where Ellie simply captured his interest, Dani has captured his imagination and his heart. Unlike Ellie though, Dani cannot stay. Her mother is ill. Stephen doesn't know how he can let her leave him - haps forever. As the train hurtles back and forth across the rails, Stephen and Dani struggle to find a way to be together forever across time.

Coming in the summer of 2013: Book Three of the Train Through Time Series.

Teri Schnaubelt
hr min
July 17
Bess McBride

Customer Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews ,

I absolutely love it!

I have to say I'm really enjoying this series so far. In Together Forever Across Time you meet Dani on the train. She meets the old man and then falling asleep she also falls back into time. She finds her love Stephen. Together they fight time and manage to find a love that last in both centuries.

I love how well this book worked with the first. It seems like it just melds into one big story. I have 3 more books to go and I cant wait to see what else is to come for these characters. Also, the endings really make the book. I absolutely love it!...Stormi