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Rich Eisen always wanted to write a book, not only because he has a lot of fun, interesting stories he's been dying to share with everyone, but also because he's interviewed hundreds of athletes - many of whom like to refer to themselves in the third person. In his 11 years as a national television sportscaster, Eisen has been envious of those athletes, because he has never been able to do that on his job. So the host of the NFL Network's signature program,
Total Access, decided to write a book and use it as an (admittedly feeble) excuse to go third-person on everybody.

What's this audiobook about? It's about a journey. It's about eating, living, and breathing the most popular sport in the history of America. The passion. The pageantry. The pigskin. Thanks to his role as host of NFL Total Access, Eisen gets to go to virtually every event on the NFL Calendar: the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, the Scouting Combine, the NFL Draft, and the Hall of Fame Induction Weekend. Rich Eisen is there, so go along for the ride with him.

If you love the NFL (and who doesn't), then this book is for you. If you're curious what it would be like to live the sport year-round, this is for you. You see, it's not all about Rich Eisen. It's about you listening to this book and enjoying it to its fullest. At least Rich Eisen hopes you will.

Biographies & Memoirs
Rich Eisen
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November 5
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Customer Reviews

TheDiggityMC ,

A Must-Read For Every Football Fan

Seriously, no matter what level of knowledge of you have going into this book, you will surely relish in the tales that Rich Eisen generously shares. It is like being suddenly in the center of the NFL universe, literally, and you begin to feel as if you know all of the men and women involved in all of the aspects of America's game. This is a great book, and you should buy it. I'd give more detail, but I wouldn't want to spoil any of the stories in there.

Fast Mikey ,

Funny and Entertaining

RIch is a great narrator.
Fun stories about his life at the NFL Network.
Shows some insite into how the show works, and how it was put together.

A fun light listen.
I would recommend this to a friend.

oiuadsfkj ,

Dont waste your time!

This guy (Eisen) is so full of himself. The book is barely tolerable, might be interesting to a fringe fan but lacks any substance to a hard core football fan. Eisen will tell you all about how great he is, how funny his jokes are, and fill in the rest of the book with other peoples stories that he works himself in to. It is apparent that Eisen thinks the NFL season revovles around him, and even drops a hint that he believes he will be in the Hall of Fame someday. Now thats a joke!

Hate to be so negative, but just being honest. If I could reccomend a few other NFL books to try, I would say Pete Carroll's book "Win Forever", or Stefan Fatsis in "A Few Seconds of Panic". Save your time and money on this one, I wish I had.

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