Townie: A Memoir

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Andre Dubus III, author of the National Book Award–nominated House of Sand and Fog and The Garden of Last Days, reflects on his violent past and a lifestyle that threatened to destroy him—until he was saved by writing.

After their parents divorced in the 1970s, Andre Dubus III and his three siblings grew up with their exhausted working mother in a depressed Massachusetts mill town saturated with drugs and crime. To protect himself and those he loved from street violence, Andre learned to use his fists so well that he was even scared of himself. He was on a fast track to getting killed—or killing someone else—or to beatings-for-pay as a boxer.

Nearby, his father, an eminent author, taught on a college campus and took the kids out on Sundays. The clash of worlds couldn’t have been more stark—or more difficult for a son to communicate to a father. Only by becoming a writer himself could Andre begin to bridge the abyss and save himself. His memoir is a riveting, visceral, profound meditation on physical violence and the failures and triumphs of love.

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Andre Dubus III
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February 28
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Customer Reviews

Afflictedwriter ,


To be brief, this book is amazing. I started inventing reasons to take long drives so I could listen to more of it.

To be less brief. It is happy and sad. It is optimistic and hopeful and it is soul crushing. The way the author takes us through the lessons of his past is captivating. This book has a smell. And there is nothing that invokes memory like smell. Absolutely marvelous.

The net master ,

andre dubus iii read me

i have barley any money and i can't adored to have any unnecessary perches. and for how hight the price is i wish i can just rent it for like 30 days or so for around 9 or 9.99$
i know that this is a long shot but can can you pleas make it possible for this to be done. but hay i love the first chapter even throw i can't rely reed that well. but i just wish i can reed and keep up with the rest of my class.

Corvallis Oregon ,

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In clean, straight-forward prose, Dubus has written a masterpiece. I haven't been this gripped by a work of first-person non-fiction since Tobias Wolff's "This Boys Life" and "In Pharaoh's Army." It is a book drawn from the American experience, shot through with brutality and grace. His father would be proud. Buy it. Read it. Whatever you do, don't miss it.

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