ToxiCity: A Prequel: The Georgia Davis Series #3

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Publisher Description

A prequel to Libby Fischer Hellman’s Georgia Davis PI series.

A dark thriller and police procedural from best-selling crime writer Libby Fischer Hellmann. When three bodies turn up in rapid succession, all in landfills or waste disposal dumpsters, rookie cop Georgia Davis is drawn into the investigation. Teaming up with her detective boyfriend Matt and his friend Detective Sergeant John Stone, Georgia must work out who’s responsible for the killings, but there’s little evidence to go on. Complicating the situation is the daughter of a real estate mogul, who also happens to have her eye on Matt. Fans of Hellmann’s Deftly weaving emotional pressure into an engaging plot ToxiCity is a must-read addition to the libraries of crime fiction enthusiasts the world over.

Toxicity is as gritty as it is spellbinding. It draws the reader inexorably into a web of deceit, heart-crushing loss, and righteous fury… A stunning and satisfying conclusion. J. Carson Black, Best-selling author of Darkness on the Edge of Town

Anybody that loves police procedurals written tautly, with grit and a healthy dose of noir, will love this one…her Georgia Davis series may just be one of the best crime thriller series being written today. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Lovers of Hellmann’s novel, Easy Innocence, will enjoy learning how heroine Georgia Davis survived her Chicago cop rookiehood. Chicago Tribune

I was blown away once I began reading. I literally couldn’t put the book down… Think CSI meets Erin Brockovich… F. Murrell

Hellmann writes with the economy and emotional punch of classic crime novelists like Lawrence Block. And she has created a perpetrator who is complex, realistic and completely unexpected…Peg Rorbarchek

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September 20
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Customer Reviews

Great start to a series! ,

A top-notch thriller!

ToxiCity is another top-notch entry into Libby Fischer Hellman’s library of police procedurals and thrillers. Even though it is the third book in the Georgia Davis PI mystery series, it is in fact a prequel to Easy Innocence and Doubleback. It takes place ten years earlier, back when Georgia was a rookie cop in the Chicago suburbs. It answers the questions, “What really happened with Matt?” and “Why did Georgia leave the police force and become a private investigator?” Georgia’s story is bittersweet. As the story opens she is young, determined, idealistic and tough, but maybe not tough up to stand up against all the Chicago crime and politics and Matt’s sudden interest in the Jewish daughter of a real estate mogul connected to the murders. We witness some of the pain she endured and it helps us to understand how she became the woman she is.

The story opens with a death, so right away you know what is happening, but not who is doing it. And it’s not easy to figure out who it could be. There are a lot of suspects for the murders and many reasons – money, power, greed, love, hate . . . . It’s a complex mystery. Children are sick and dying. Bodies are showing up in landfills and dumpsters. Even though people are doing very bad things, they didn’t always start out as very bad people. So many lives are touched and changed forever.

Libby Fischer Hellman has written another outstanding thriller. It’s fast-paced and keeps you guessing. She captures the look and feel of Chicago as perfectly as ever as well as the impact of current political and environmental issues. The look into Georgia’s struggles explains a lot and makes her a more real, complete character to us.

I received a copy of the ToxiCity audiobook from the author. I have both listened to and read Libby Fischer Hellman’s books and recommend either type of media. Although fast-paced and complex, the plot and characters are well developed and believable and make for an easy to follow, exciting story.

There are two narrators for the audiobook. I enjoyed the performance of the female narrator but the male narration took a little getting used to. Instead of the ‘voice of Chicago’ I grew up with, he sounded more like New York Gangster to me. However, as the story developed and I become more immersed in the action the style of narration faded into the background, and it’s unlikely those listeners who did not grow up in Chicago would notice it at all.

I highly recommend ToxiCity and anything else Libby Fischer Hellman writes.