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Tru Blue (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Tru Blue is a sexy, dark, standalone novel written in the same loving, raw, and emotional voice romance listeners have come to love, and the deeply emotional literary prose women's fiction listeners have come to expect, from New York Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author Melissa Foster.

He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover.

There's nothing Truman Gritt won't do to protect his family - including spending years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. When he's finally released, the life he knew is turned upside down by his mother's overdose, and Truman steps in to raise the children she's left behind. Truman's hard, he's secretive, and he's trying to save a brother who's even more broken than he is. He's never needed help in his life, and when beautiful Gemma Wright tries to step in, he's less than accepting. But Gemma has a way of slithering into people's lives and eventually she pierces through his ironclad heart. When Truman's dark past collides with his future, his loyalties will be tested, and he'll be faced with his toughest decision yet.

Paul Woodson
hr min
November 1
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,

Tru & Gemma!

After spending six years in prison, Truman Gritt just wants to live a low key life. One phone call, changes everything. After finding his drug addicted mother dead, Tru has taken over the responsibility of his two young siblings he didn't know he had.

Gemma Wright stopped to get ice cream when she hears a baby crying. The ever curious Gemma, follows the cries and wonders why these children are out this late. Deciding Tru is out of his element, she helps him secure all the necessities the children need.

Underneath his tough exterior, Gemma sees a man who loves hard and is loyal to those he loves. Tru is exactly what Gemma didn't know she needed. A real feel good story with a HEA!

Shy G1 ,

My Thoughts on Tru Blue

This was such a good listen. With great narration from a new to me narrator and an attention-grabbing story to be told, it was a great combination. Not only were both main characters likable, but I found myself absolutely loving Tru. He was so loyal to his family and that’s such a great trait by itself, but he was also great with the leading lady and his friends. The leading lady Gemma, she was so open hearted and kind. She was impossible not to love. From the first moment she was introduced I liked her and the more we got to know her the more l liked. She stuck to what she felt was right even when it could have cost her what she loved. I really respected that. And speaking of Tru’s friends, the Whiskeys were a great group of people and I’m looking forward to listening to their stories as well.

Pattyfgd ,

Easy to fall for Tru!

Alpha male, single dad, fiercely loyal, second chances at happiness, what is there not to love about this book? Melissa Foster has begun the Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor series. Truman is fresh out of jail and finds out his dead mother has two small children. Being a devoted and compassionate man, he takes these two in. He is determined to make a good life for them, and as he is attempting to buy them supplies, bumps into Gemma. And our story begins. I was so wrapped up in this book, and I tried to pinpoint what it was that drew me in so much. Gemma is a spoiled rich kid, but knows there is more to life than what is expected of her. Yes, I love that, but that is not the draw. Truman is an ex-con with a loyalty to family beyond all compare. That is not what pulls at me. It's the combination of opposites attracting, finding the good in people, believing there is something better and going after it. Foster has woven this story with such love, as we watch the kids flourish, such despair as we deal with hopeless situations and addictions and such chemistry found between Gemma and Tru, I was falling from the first chapter. It's a wonderful story.

Paul Woodson brings this story to life beautifully. As Truman, he gives us a lot of emotion as he works through his life challenges. He has an over protectiveness that is easily felt in his tone, and a warmth that makes your heart sing. As Gemma, he adds that sass and spark to the mix, as she too finds her way to an unexpected life. He extracts her personality and lets us have all the feelings this story has. It was a fantastic listen.

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