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There are things that we want, and things that we need. Sometimes they end up being one and the same. 


All my life, I’ve known two truths: my best friend Jaeger is my true mate, and I’m destined to marry a princess I’ve never met for the sake of my kingdom. 

Prophecy’s a bitter pill to swallow when you’ve tasted true love and are told it can never be. But I wouldn’t be worthy of my beautiful omega if I were willing to let selfishness be the ruin of my people. 

Still, I don’t feel anything but selfish as I keep my childhood friend close, and yet forever out of reach. The pain of our proximity reflected in his eyes. A better man would set him free, but I’m not that noble. Just noble enough to deny us both what we crave. 

But if I can’t be with the man I love, I can at least be a better prince for my people. 

I need to remain focused on staving off my enemies as I’m teased with the promise of the only thing I’ve ever wanted. 

Because as it turns out, prophecies are never quite what you think....


If the story of my life has a theme, it must be this: so close, and yet so far. 

Orphaned and raised as a brother to the wolf prince I love more than my own life, but never quite felt like one of the family. Talented enough in battle to silence the rumors that only favoritism gave me the role of his bodyguard, but not skilled enough to protect him when he needed me most. 

I am willing and eager to be the partner - the mate - Prince Philip deserves. I can give him everything he wants, if only it weren’t for the one thing an ancient prophecy demands of him. The Prince must surrender to a marriage with the heir of a kingdom strong enough to protect his own. 

But we are who we are, and we all have a role to play. I’ve made peace with mine. Ready to step into the shadows and allow his bride to bask in his light. But then I discover: 

I am not who I thought I was. 

And I have a far greater role to play than any I prepared for. 

Discover the hidden truths that are revealed when these fearless men take destiny into their own hands. True Mates is an exciting M/M, shifter, MPREG romance that makes you believe that fate may have a plan for us all.

David Seager
hr min
March 29

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