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What would happen if you were to allow everything to be exactly as it is? If you gave up the need for control, and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that arose? In the 14 years that he studied Zen, Adyashanti found that most seasoned meditators had used the practice as a means to a goal they never reached. Ultimately, he realized that only when you let go of all techniques, even the concept of yourself as a meditator, will you open to the art of true meditation: dwelling in the natural state.
True Meditation invites you to join the growing number of seekers who have been touched by the wisdom of Adyashanti to learn:

How to make the "effortless effort" that will vivify the present moment
Meditative self-inquiry and "The Way of Subtraction": how to ask a spiritually powerful question, and determine the real answer
Three guided meditations intended to reveal what Adyashanti calls "your home as awareness itself"
"We've been taught that awakening is difficult," explains Adyashanti, "that to wake up from the illusion of separation takes years. But all it really takes is a willingness to look into the depths of your experience here and now." True Meditation gives you the opportunity to reclaim the original purpose of meditation, as a gateway to "the objectless freedom of being".

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May 19
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Customer Reviews

clonedike ,

Powerful and Simple

Mind-blowing ideas told in a casual, conversational style -- it sounds like a recording of actual talks that Adyashanti gave. I've studied and practiced Buddhism off and on for 30 years, and I found his view of meditation fresh and powerful and helpful in cutting through blocks and bad habits. There is almost no mention of any specific religion -- it's what I consider a universal teaching. There is a lot of restatement, but I didn't really mind because what he's talking about is so hard to grasp -- not intellectually but actually -- that it's good to go in baby steps. I appreciated the last part, which includes three guided meditations.

Crash-tam ,

Amazingly helpful practices!

A+ meditation guidance

Marko 2019 ,

Clear & Simple

I knew Adyashanti had to be something special when his work was recommended to me by my own teacher, who has spent literally decades on his own spiritual path. My teacher (who is well-known, so I will refrain from appearing to speak for him by mentioning his name here) works in a different tradition than Adyashanti's but told me that Adya had discovered a clear and direct approach to the subject of enlightenment that applies equally well across many spiritual disciplines.

What I like best about Adya is he seems just like me--not some pie-in-the-sky spaced-out guru type, but a real suburban kid with a background and upbring similar to mine. He asks al the right questions, and his answers seem to cut through huge amounts of nonsense. I sometimes feel that certain teachers are needlessly obscure in their approach to meditation. Adya has figured out a way that seems to work for me.

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