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Fear and distrust keep us from living the life we were meant to live, and they are the greatest hurdles to seeing the truth about life--that it is good, abundant, supportive, and potentially joyous. There's nothing more important than seeing this truth, because the degree to which we trust life is the degree to which we can be happy and at peace.

Trusting Life is a deep exploration into the mystery of who we are, why we suffer, why we don't trust life, and how to become more trusting. It offers evidence that life is trustworthy and tools for overcoming the fear and beliefs that keep us from falling in love with life.

From Trusting Life:

"If we persist in being involved with our egoic mind, it will be difficult to discover the truth about reality-that living in reality, instead of the ego's virtual reality, is a peaceful, safe, and joyous place and that within us is the wisdom and guidance we need to be happy and fulfilled. Being in the moment is where true happiness lies, but we won't discover that if we're wrapped up in the ego's world and believing the ego's perspective, which is one of fear and distrust."

Rebecca Van Volkinburg
hr min
February 1
Gina Lake

Customer Reviews

DudemanLA ,

👍😄🙏 Very Helpful

This book I listen to over and over.
I was looking for a book on trusting life and here it is. Gina has an awesome audio mp3 download she sells on her website on relationships. It's from a live workshop she had in Sedona
it's titled April, 2010 Relationships Intensive. Just do a web search for
radicalhappiness to find her site then, click on the seminars link, then click MP3 recordings of intensives link.
It's the best audio I have ever listened to on relationships. I highly recommend getting that in addition to this. Looking forward to her new book coming out this year too.

Voodoo-U ,

Easy to follow

Gina is a very good communicator when it comes to presenting the message on living in the present. This is a very insightful book for those seeking an alternative to a ego and logic dominated life.

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