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Discover the REAL reasons men cheat, and find out what you can do to prevent it! M. Gary Neuman shares the findings of his extensive research with unfaithful husbands that turn the conventional wisdom about extramarital affairs on its head: It’s not all about sex; he’s not just a pig; she’s not prettier than you; and he really does feel terrible about what he’s done. So why do men do it? Neuman reveals the emotional roots of male infidelity, explains how men experience and express their emotions differently from women, and lays out a simple series of actions you can take to ensure that your husband never strays. These steps help you build a deeper and more intimate relationship and a stronger, happier marriage that is more supportive and rewarding for both of you. Don’t sit there wondering if your husband will ever cheat on you. Listen to The Truth about Cheating and make sure he won’t!

Alyssa Bresnahan
hr min
September 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

suezy1969 ,

ok book..BUT

this book is ok if you want to learn some things about how to keep a marriage happy but for me my husband fell in the books 12%.that is where a man cheats for reasons other than marital problems (sex addict) or who has cheated before your marriage, in other relationships before you and during. the book did not give much of any hope for marriages that suffer from a sex addicted husband and did not discuss any help for that problem other than you may want to run away from the guy.I was left feeling worse than before i read the book. I also found the work to be put all on the wife and it seemed to baby the men.

A spouse ,


This book is unrealistic and one-sided.

Thistle Badger ,

Great tips, NO Guarantees!

Warning: This book gives women a false sense of security, “If I do this, he won’t cheat!” It provides helpful marital hints for all, YET does appear to leave the major responsibility of infidelity upon the woman. An interesting read with possible insight into what men MAY be thinking. Some good advice in this book, but NO guarantees!

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