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A finalist in the Global eBook Awards, this is a behind-the-scenes look at cruise ships in a way that's never been done before. Some of the stories are shocking, some are enlightening, but most are just laugh-out-loud entertaining. This tour behind those "Crew Only" doors will reveal:

How romance on a cruise ship is unlike anywhere else,
The insane things passengers do
Why alcohol is mandatory at sea
How nude cruises compare to Christian cruises
A first hand account of damage from getting caught in a hurricane

Jay Herring was an American senior officer and one of the few who had physical access to the entire ship. Interviewed on TV by ABC, radio by NPR, and in print by USA Today, The Huffington Post, and Frommers, he worked with every department and every senior officer, including the captain. His wife worked in the casino, and combined they worked for Carnival Cruise Lines for 10 years and sailed on over 503 cruises.

If you've ever wondered what happens below deck on a cruise ship, then get ready to laugh through an experience unlike any other!

Biographies & Memoirs
Jay Herring
hr min
April 18
SaltLog Press

Customer Reviews

Brot07 ,

The Truth About Cruise Ships

I thought this book was very interesting and entertaining! If you cruise often or are thinking about it, you should check it out! I laughed for sure, amazed at what goes on behind the scenes on those ships!!

congarob ,

The truth about cruise ships

Out of 250+ books I've downloaded, this is the worst. No style. Not very much info. Sophomoric and unbelievable. Very disappointed. I want my money back and an apology from the author the editor and the publisher

by Bruce Faulconer ,

The Truth About Cruise Ships

This book is a great read, and it is a great "listen" as well. We get to hear the story first hand from the writer and he has a great story telling voice. The book is well written, and from cover to cover it is hilarious, entertaining, non stop fun. Jay reads the story with a smile, throws in some occasional bits of sarcasm, and his conversational tone always carries lots of adventure. The hurricane sequence was spell binding adventure, and just how crazy can ship life get...wow! I listened almost non-stop; it is hard to put this book down, because it is so enjoyable. Much of the time I couldn't stop laughing over the things that happen on ship. I loved the story and its great ending is very romantic as well...

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