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Any questions about the purpose of this anthology? It's all in the title, and this collection of explicit erotica stories lives up to its promise. From sexy, erotic romance to double penetration, the stories are varied and high, high heat.

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first anal sex, reluctant sex, and more. Only mature adults who won't find that offensive should listen to this collection.

1. "Thanks for the Tickets: An Erotic Romance Short Story" by Andi Allyn

2. "The Phantom at the Club: A Paranormal Short of First Anal Sex" by Carolyne Cox

3. "Spanked and Filled Up: A Double Penetration Erotica Story" by Connie Hastings

4. "Pompis: A Very Rough MMF Threesome Short" by Fran Diaz

5. "Get Me Pregnant! A Rough Sex Breeding Erotica Story" by Jael Long

6. "On the Plane: An Erotic Mile-High Romance Erotica Story" by Andi Allyn

7. "Surprised by My Boss and My Best Friend: A Rough Group Sex Erotica Story" by Carolyne Cox

8. "Taken by the Satyrs: A Very Rough Paranormal Monster Sex G******g Erotica Story" by C. J. Smalls

9. "Orgy with My Married Neighbors: A Group Sex Erotica Story" by Erika Cole

10. "April Punishes Anna: A BDSM Erotica Story" by Jael Long

11. "Mandy Seduces Me: My First Lesbian Experience" by April Lawless

12. "Tied Down and Taken: A Very Rough Anal Sex Fantasy" by Casey Strackner

13. "Gangbanged by the Ghosts: A Paranormal Rough Group Sex Erotica Story" by Cordelia Montgomery

14. "Just a Peek: A College Girl G******g Short" by Francine Forthright

15. "After Hours Office Orgy: A Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story" by Jeanna Yung

16. "Sharing My Husband with Kelly: An MFF Threesome Sex Short" by Alice Drake

17. "A Day at the Spa: A Group Lesbian Sex Erotica Story" by Patti Drew

18. "Anything You Want: A College Student Becomes a Call Girl" by Sally Whitley

19. "Cosplay Stripper: A Rough Sex Erotica Story" by Samantha Sampson

20. "In Front of Everyone? A Rough Public Sex Erotica Story" by Sandra Strike

Poetess Connie, Jennifer Saucedo, Nichelle Gregory, Jess Bella
hr min
December 23
Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.