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Publisher Description

Two old farts surviving a grid-down apocalypse by fate or chance, or could be rotten luck according to their bickering, find themselves bound by circumstance of survival to live out their days together. Bad luck seems to be a daily occurrence for all in this apocalypse of no food, no water, but add to it a hurricane, pandemic, and old age, and two grumpy old men, and you have a story of resilience and humor sure to entertain you in a quarantine.

An old Japanese restaurant owner and a backwoods Alabama redneck can’t say it was a lucky star that caused them to cross paths or according to Walt a damnable one-legged seagull, but good times are ahead for all through this bug-out romp to a Florida beach house to retire to.

Beach bums Inc. they called themselves if they had to die grid down it wasn’t going to be in a forest chasing squirrels but surf-fishing and oyster gathering on the Gulf coast. Come with this unlikely odd couple pair as they overcome a changed world of hurricanes, pandemics and food shortages. A humorous attempt at giving you plausible survival skills, entertainment, and a chance at a new life as the over 60 crowd does a dance with the devil outlasting young bucks. They might be old but they meet older folks along the way that seem to be doing the same thing they are doing and the required knowledge to do the same rests in older heads. Apocalypse now less the grey hairs and don’t mess with old men and women or they will kill you : ).

A mysterious but well-known forgotten island paradise awaits not far from shore a gaggle of elderly misfits dream of going to but the problem is no lights, no boat, no motor car, they were as lonely as they could be but this band of misfit travelers soon convince some young folks to join up and come see.

Contains the complete 3 book series Senior survival, consisting of Our End of the Line, Seashells and Shotshells, and Road to Nowhere.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
T. David Rutherford
hr min
May 14
Ronald Foster