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This work explores the heavens and the earth through the eyes of Enoch. It chronicles the events as a group of holy angels called the Watchers fall from grace, desert their heavenly home and trade eternal life to taste the forbidden lust for earthly women. This work looks closely at the anguish and regret felt by the fallen ones as they realized what they had done and the consequences that followed. We explore how the Watchers felt about their offspring with the women, the Nephilim, the Eljo, and the Men of Renown.

We see the Grigori, part of the band of fallen angels, imprisoned in heaven, mournfully singing lamentations of sorrow and regret to the Lord. We see our own mortal failings as we watch the holy and beautiful angels end as the enemies of their own creator. 

In this book, we bring together several popular works into one volume.

The Books of First Enoch (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch), Second Enoch (The Slavonic Secrets of Enoch), and Third Enoch (The Hebrew Book of Enoch) are presented with two versions of The Book of Giants, all with extensive commentary. Within the commentaries, we see how the mysterious prophecy uttered by Daniel comes alive and makes perfect sense when it is placed within the Enochian calendar. From these ancient texts and many others, such as Jasher, Jubilees, the Lilith myth, several Gnostic text, and numerous other books, a chronological narrative like no other is produced. The narrative plays like a mystery novel, which lays out a timeline of events from the beginning of creation to the punishment of the fallen angels and the defeat of Satan. At the end of the book an additional chapter is added, which lists the names of major angels and demons and their duties or functions.

Years of research and the vast amount of information presented in this work makes it one of the ultimate resources of knowledge and history regarding Fallen Angels, the Watchers, Giants, and Nephilim.

Religion & Spirituality
Mel Jackson
hr min
August 23
Fifth Estate

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