Ultimate Relaxing Sounds for Meditation, Stress Relief, Study, Yoga, Focus & Deep Sleep: Soothing Sounds Bundle - 25 Non-Looping Soothing Sounds

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    • $19.99

Publisher Description

This audiobook contains 25 high fidelity nature sounds to create a relaxing sleep environment (each lasting 45-120 minutes!).

Perfect for various activities including working out, airplane rides, creative work, rest, and motivation. Amazing for meditation, yoga, sleep, study, and focus. If you want to relax, if you are looking for moments of peace, if you want to increase your concentration, meditating, and connecting to the deepest part you... well, these sounds will help you relax and immerse yourself, creating a magical atmosphere around and within you.

What you get:

Sounds in the best audio quality, recorded with state-of-the-art equipment and best spatial atmosphere:

1. Introduction,

2. Spherical soundscape with deep theta impulses,

3. Soothing wind chimes touched by the wind,

4. Rain sound meditation,

5. Relaxing ocean waves,

6. The sound of space for deep meditation,

7. Wilma, the snoring dog,

8. Swiss mountain stream,

9. Hair dryer sound,

10. Birds on the beach,

11. Vinyl crackle,

12. Soft ventilation,

13. Smoothed white noise,

14. Mataranka hot springs,

15. Tropical forest,

16. Deep sea,

17. Camp fire,

18. Wind in the trees,

19. Fan,

20. Crickets,

21. Songbirds,

22. Spherical soundscape with deep theta impulses,

23. Thunder, wind & rain,

24. Gentle ocean waves,

25. Mountain source,

26. Spherical soundscape with deep theta impulses.

How this product can work for you:

For a restful night's sleep, there are several phases you go through. With each phase our neurological state gets deeper, our body becomes more relaxed, and our brain wave patterns slow down. We experience our deepest sleep phase when our brain enters the delta wave state. Delta sleep is the phase in which the body regenerates and rebalances itself for the new day. Getting enough sleep is therefore essential for a healthy, productive life. This program has been proven to increase delta wave activity in your brain. It has already helped many people to find regular, restful, and revitalizing sleep. Listen to one of the soundscapes whenever you want to relax or go to sleep.


Patrick Lynen is a pioneer in the field of audio-acoustic research. In conjunction with many dedicated and visionary people from all over the world, he has spent the past 15 years working to bring sound healing and sound therapy into mainstream awareness. Numerous companies, health professionals, meditation groups, and individuals swear by his high quality audio programs and their spectacular soundscapes that stimulate our brain waves and put them into a state of deep relaxation.

Patrick Lynen
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February 11
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