Under the Cover of Mercy: A Novel

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November, 1914.

The Great War has come to Brussels, the Germans have occupied the city, and Edith Cavell, Head Nurse at Berkendael Medical Institute, faces an impossible situation. As matron of a designated Red Cross hospital, Edith has sworn an oath to help any who are wounded, under whatever flag they are found. But Governor von Lüttwitz, the ranking German officer, has additional orders for her. She and her nurses must also stand guard over the wounded Allied prisoners of war and prevent them from escaping.

Edith feels that God called her to be a healer, not a jailer. How can she heal these broken boys, only to allow them to be returned to the hands of their oppressors to be beaten again?

So when members of the Belgian resistance, desperate for help, bring two wounded British soldiers to her hospital in secret, she makes a decision that will change everything: she will heal the soldiers, and then attempt to smuggle them out of the hospital to freedom.

With her loyal friend and fellow nurse, Elizabeth, by her side, Edith establishes her hospital as a safe house for the resistance, laboring tirelessly to save as many soldiers as she can. Working under the watchful eyes of the German army, Edith faces challenging odds and charges of treason—which carries the death penalty if she is caught—as she fights alongside the resistance to bring—and keep—hope to her small corner of a war-torn world.

Based on a true story, Under the Cover of Mercy is the remarkable account of one woman who defied an entire nation in order to heal those who needed her help the most.

Justine Eyre
hr min
April 11
Blackstone Publishing

Customer Reviews

ptrollan ,

An Impactful Heroine!

Under the Cover of Mercy relays a story that is truly a bit of Great War history. One that should not be forgotten. The progression of the nursing profession Edith Cavell accomplished through her nursing institute and the sacrifices she made should be honored and held in highest esteem.

August 1914-the Great War
Edith Cavell was an English-born matron of a nursing school in Belgium during the time of German occupation. At some point during the war, she begins to take in injured English soldiers as “guests” sent by a benefactor.

Lizzie Wilkins, senior nurse under Edith’s mentorship and authority is not so sure about the steps they are taking to aid soldiers that are not declared to the Germans as POWs. This book bears the perfect title as these men were truly under the cover of mercy.

Written from the POVs of both Edith and Lizzie, the first half of this story slowly builds on their work and relationships then breaks into a heartfelt spiritual arc amidst difficult circumstances. Conolly’s easy writing style and skill at weaving historical facts within her storyline make this journey both palpable and credible all the way to an emotional end.

Book discussion questions are included, making it a great choice for book club. This is also a good choice for those who enjoy historical fiction without romance.

This book is suitable for mature teens and older with no inappropriate intimate scenes and no bad language. I received this book from the author/publisher free of charge, with no expectation of a positive review.