Understanding Autism: Potty Training and Personal Care, Help You Child Accomplish Basic Hygiene Tasks: Getting a Haircut, Brushing Teeth, Washing Hands, Bathing, and Much More! (Unabridged‪)‬

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According to statistics reported by CDC in 2020, one in 54 children in the USA were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2016. The latest statistics in the UK show that there are 700,000 autistic diagnoses. It is suggested that boys are four times more likely to get a diagnosis of autism than girls. 

Like so many parents, you might be wondering if you are doing things by starting to potty train your child. Aside from being a speech and language therapist, I am also a mum, and I know the worry we put ourselves through about the right time to introduce new skills. The internet is our go-to resource to find our answers, but with such a wide spectrum, it’s hard to find the exact advice for your individual child. 

One of your biggest questions you may be asking yourself is "should I even try to introduce potty training, as my child does not talk yet?". Whether your child has started using verbal language yet or not, you will know when your child is ready. I have put together a list of things to help recognize the signs when your child is ready and how they might express their readiness for potty training. 

From the point of view of an experienced professional and a parent, we are going to look at all the different areas of potty training and helping your autistic child learn and practice their personal hygiene skills. This is the second book in a series of books dedicated to helping parents and families of ASD children. Check out my first book called, Understanding Autism, Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, which looks at what autism is, walks you through the diagnosis process, and much more.

In this book: 

The importance of potty training
Is your toddler ready for potty training
Common hurdles you may encounter and their solutions
Developing Independence with personal hygiene 
Teeth cleaning, nail cutting, bathing, hair brushing, and more

Each bite-sized book will cover a new topic. The third book in the series will be looking at how to help your child develop speech, language, and social communication skills. There will be lots of ideas for therapy that you can easily practice at home.

You will also be able to access a free step-by-step guide for potty training from a link in the book.

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June 7
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