Understanding the Book of Isaiah: Getting to Know the Famous but Misunderstood Prophet: Poet of Light, Poet of Hope

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You are invited to explore the most famous yet least understood prophet of the Old Testament with fresh understanding. 

This masterful 12-lecture audio course from award-winning Old Testament scholar Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., Ph.D. will deepen your understanding of the visionary prophet Isaiah. In these captivating talks, you’ll explore the passion and poetry that arrest the hearts and minds of readers across millennia. You’ll find yourself drawn deeply into the poet-prophet Isaiah’s world with all its sham, beauty, hope, and promise. 

Isaiah’s words accompany some of the most gripping passages of the New Testament—the book of Romans alone references Isaiah twenty times. But Isaiah’s words were also powerful in his own day. Under Sr. Dempsey’s tutelage, you’ll explore  the historical times of Isaiah, the literary artistry of the text, the role that the nations play in the unfolding vision of global and cosmic transformation, and the relationship between ethical praxis and worship. 

You’ll also encounter the story of Isaiah’s last days with Hezekiah before the collapse of the Southern Kingdom Judah, which leaves the people utterly landless and on the brink of despair. Isaiah’s servant songs call people then and now to mission, and the poet’s vision of a New Jerusalem speaks about the transformation of not only a city but also the entire people of God. 

Isaiah’s message is a poem to be sung and a vision to be lived for all time.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.

Religion & Spirituality
Prof. Carol J. Dempsey OP PhD
hr min
October 13