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Understanding the Power of the Holy Spirit provides in-depth teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit and each supernatural spiritual gift God still gives to equip believers as witnesses today. It provides fundamental requirements to receive the Holy Spirit as a gift from God, as well as the entire gifts of the Holy Spirit and its application as believers. The audiobook includes key Bible verses to equip believers to understand what constitutes the baptism, gifts, fruits, and sin or blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Do you want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in your everyday life?

We hear about the awesome power of the Holy Spirit. We are amazed at the miracles of Jesus in the Bible, and we wonder if we can acquire these supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow through us in the here and now. This is possible to achieve today if we can take up the challenge to equip ourselves with the in-depth understanding of how the Holy Spirit operates in our lives as believers. It meant getting to know the Holy Spirit, that enigmatic third person of the trinity; it meant proper understanding about spiritual gifts, searching the scriptures, and taking a bold step to ask God in faith to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

Some of us sit in the pew of the church every Sunday and every other day thinking within ourselves if it is possible to receive the Holy Spirit, and if that is possible, what gift we can obtain from him. Still, you may long to deepen your experience with God. 

You may be asking:

How do I receive the Holy Spirit?
What are the benefits of receiving the Holy Spirit?
Are modern miracles of biblical proportions still happening?
How can I access the supernatural power of God?
How can I discern the voice of the Holy Spirit and my mind’s voice?
Does the Holy Spirit have spiritual gifts for me? If so, which ones?
What is the regulation for the utilization of the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
What constitute the gift and fruits of the Holy Spirit?
Is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit real? If yes, what constitutes blasphemy or sin against the Holy Spirit?

Understanding the Power of the Holy Spirit is a step-by-step guide for how to grow in dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. It explores how even the most ordinary believer can experience the miracle working power of God in everyday life. The scriptural references are explained in detail for better understanding of each verse and the general context. 

Religion & Spirituality
Rick Vaught
hr min
July 18
Kelvin Armstrong

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