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When I arrive unannounced at my husband's studio in need of a shoulder to cry on after hearing that my best student, Alex, has died, I see a pair of wineglasses drying by the sink, and my deepest fear is confirmed: my husband is having an affair. Most women would fall to their knees in tears and throw him out of the house—but I just can't bring myself to do it. Instead, I go home and cook a healthy dinner for our children, walk the dog, and unload the dishwasher without complaint. I will make him see that I'm still the woman he married; attractive, successful, the glue that holds our perfect family together. I need this marriage to work to protect a terrible secret of my own, something that would destroy everything I've already sacrificed so much for. But when the police arrive at my door asking questions about Alex's death that I can't answer, and threatening text messages start appearing on my phone, I know that someone close has been watching me very carefully.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Emily Rankin
hr min
November 27
Dreamscape Media

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

Some secrets are better left unknown

Let me just say WOW! This was over the top. I never guessed what would happen at the end. All throughout, the book keeps you guessing. Then at the end I was blown away! Anna has so much going on in her life. She’s worked so hard on solving some big scientific mathematical problem with her student. One she had to work on as a kid to appease her mother. She is also up for a possible professorship. Things fall apart very quickly. As in one day pretty much. She doesn’t get the professorship and she finds out her husband may be cheating. But she isn’t sure. Meanwhile, her boss is a womanizing jerk. Instead of confronting her husband, she tries harder to be the wife she feels she should be. The book kept me guessing and there was never a dull moment. Something is always happening, even when you think it can’t get any worse. The very last few paragraphs about blew me mind. I felt so bad for all she had endured. Everyone was awful to her. Her mom was so horrible then she grows up to have such a bad boss.

I listened to the audiobook. The narrator was so amazing. She really brought the story to life. There were times I would get to work and actually be late because I would keep sitting there listening.

Holly 262543 ,

Hate the Main Character

I’m Half way through the book and I have to stop. I hate the main character and it doesn’t get better. I’m not sure if her bad deeds and constant bad decision making are supposed to be excused by her past drama but all I see is an entitled snowflake. Maybe you are supposed to hate her? But, then what’s the point?

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