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“I remember Sarah asking me, when I’d just begun therapy with her, what I looked for in a man.  After a few moments of silent, tense deliberation I had it.  ‘Hair,’ I blurted. ‘He has to have hair.’”
Meredith Baxter is a beloved and iconic television actress, most well-known for her enormously popular role as hippie mom, Elyse Keaton, on Family Ties. Her warmth, humor, and brilliant smile made her one of the most popular women on television, with millions of viewers following her on the small screen each week. Yet her success masked a tumultuous personal story and a harrowing private life. For the first time, Baxter is ready to share her incredible highs, (working with Robert Redford, Doris Day, Lana Turner, and the cast of Family Ties), and lows (a thorny relationship with her mother, a difficult marriage to David Birney, a bout with breast cancer), finally revealing the woman behind the image.

From her childhood in Hollywood, growing up the daughter of actress and co-creator of One Day at a Time Whitney Blake, Baxter became familiar with the ups and downs of show business from an early age. After wholeheartedly embracing the 60s counterculture lifestyle, she was forced to rely on her acting skills after her first divorce left her a 22-year-old single mother of two. Baxter began her professional career with supporting roles in the critically panned horror film Ben, and in the political thriller All the President's Men.

More lucrative work soon followed on the small screen. Baxter starred with actor David Birney as the title characters in controversial sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie. While the series only lasted a year, her high-profile romance with Birney lasted 15 volatile and unhappy years. Hiding the worst of her situation from even those closest to her, Baxter’s career flourished as her self-esteem and family crumbled. Her successful run as Nancy on Family was followed by her enormously popular role on Family Ties, and dozens of well-received television movies.

After a bitter divorce and custody battle with Birney, Baxter increasingly relied on alcohol as a refuge, and here speaks candidly of her decision to take her last drink in 1990.

And while another ruinous divorce to screenwriter Michael Blodgett taxed Baxter’s strength and confidence, she has emerged from her experiences with the renewed self-assurance, poise, and understanding that have enabled her to find a loving, respectful relationship with Nancy Locke, and to speak about it openly.

Told with insight, wit, and disarming frankness, Untied is the eye-opening and inspiring life of an actress, a woman, and a mother who has come into her own.

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Meredith Baxter
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March 1
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Customer Reviews

BSH09 ,

Well written and fantastically conveyed...

I heard Meredith on a radio show one morning talking about a book she wrote and I immediately looked it up. I bought it immediately without hesitation. The best book I have heard in a long time. She explains and reads so well. I had no idea what she had been through with her life, children, and career. I am really thankful for this book and am honored that she shared her story with us. Great read and well read Meredith!

S Gonzales ,

Great book! I was blown away!

Meredith tells this story in an amazingly honest and moving way. It makes you realize that you never know what tomorrow will bring or if you'll be the same person tomorrow. My husband told me "Did you hear the Family Ties mother is gay." I said oh okay. I was traveling and needed something to occupy me while I waited for flights and in the evenings. I bought the audiobook, not knowing what to expect. Her voice is easy to listen to and since it was her story it felt like listening to a friend confiding in you. I believe she the same person in real life as she comes across on tv.

great read ,

Great!!! Worth the money!!!!!

This was a truly great story of Meredith's life. So touching and interesting to listen too. I loved her in all her movies and of course Family Ties. I loved her story and although I am not gay; found her story of love to be beautiful. A true love story with her love Nancy. I don't care if she is gay, straight , orange or pink. She is a TV icon that has given us, the viewer, years of laughter , drama and entertainment.
Meredith is fabulous, I didn't want the book to end! Good for her!!!!!

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