Until You: The Redemption Series, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A single-dad forced-proximity stand-alone romance from New York Times best-selling author K. Bromberg.

Crew Madden needs to find a place to recover. For his twin girls. For himself. From the woman who left them without a backward glance.

Recovering from a traumatic event, a summer in the small town of Redemption Falls was the perfect solution for him. For his family. The only drawback? The rental cottage at the end of the drive.

But then he met its tenant.

The quiet, guarded, sexy-as-sin woman who took Crew’s breath away.

Tennyson West moved to Redemption Falls to hide. From her previous world of abundance. From the woman she used to be. For a chance to start over...and be free.

She’s settled into her new life on the outskirts of a small town, content with her solitude. Her peaceful life.

And then she met her new landlord.

Crew Madden—and his sweet daughters—entered her life with a bang. She learned how to laugh again, to love again, something she never thought would be possible.

It was only meant to be a summer fling, but as demons from their past knocked on the door, their relationship was tested. Was their love strong enough to keep them together, or would danger drive them apart for good?

Blake Lockheart, Samantha Brentmoor
hr min
February 23
JKB Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ladydi232 ,

Sweet, swoony small town romance

I loved this sweet and swoony small town romance with a single dad and a beautiful tenant with a mysterious and dangerous past.

Crew Madden moves to Redemption Falls along with his twin daughters. A former big city police officer, he is recovering from a close call at work and reevaluating how he sees his future with his girls.

“I don’t have fancy words or know how to say things to girls, but I knew how to show them that I wouldn’t let them fall . . . whether it be trying something new or simply figuring out how to deal with what life had thrown at them.”

Tennyson West is living in solitude, keeping a low profile but worry about danger from her past keeps her from really being able to plan for any kind of future.

I listened to most of this story on audiobook and loved the narration. It was definitely the way to go.
-5 Stars!-

kuriedawn ,

Loved it

Until You is well written with characters that are easy to connect with and a plot that keeps you hungry for more. The suspense element of the story was well done and made this book impossible to stay away from for long. The love story is beautiful, the suspense story is heart pounding. Loved this story.

Then there is the ending. 😘 It was perfect.

Bette H ,

Wonderful Story & Listen🎧 Captivating & Heartfelt!

K. Bromberg is one of my favorite authors, I love her writing style and her ability to sweep me into her stories and the worlds she creates, and this book was no exception, it hooked me in before the first chapter ended, grabbing my attention and captivating it straight to the end. It has not been easy for Crew, his wife not only left him but abandoned their eleven-year-old twin daughters, Addy and Paige, too. When you swear in and become a police officer, you know you may put your life on the line, but even with all the training, all it takes is one incident to change your life forever, which is what happens to him and his partner when they responded to a job. Crew is still recovering from his line of duty injury, physically and mentally, since he is still struggling with PTSD and guilt about what happened to his partner and best friend. But he needs to think of his two daughters and when the opportunity to go stay at his uncle’s place in Redemption Falls arises, they leave Chicago for the summer and exchange big city life for small town country living. It is back home for Crew, and surprisingly, the girls adapt quickly to the place. I adored those girls, they were masters at playing their father, well, when he let them. Tennyson “Penny” West rented the cottage on his uncle’s property and when he arrived, he saw her note with the list of repairs that place needed, so he had his work cut out for him. Tenny liked living in Redemption Falls, she chose the location for a reason and had mostly kept to herself the time she had lived there after escaping her previous life, and a relationship that was built on lies and, once the lies were revealed, it put her in danger. Addy and Paige were interested in meeting Tenny and made it their business to make it happen, and then the two meddling little darlings made sure their father met her, too. I thought these two were great together and, for each other, their relationship grew naturally and the chemistry between them was smoking hot. But nothing would ever come of it, he was going back to Chicago and she could not get involved with anyone because it would put them in danger. I loved how everything played out in this book, it is a wonderfully plotted story with plenty of drama, heartfelt emotions, some charming moments, heart-rending moments, thrilling and suspenseful moments, and a steamy romance.  

🎧📚🎧 And for the fabulous narration, Blake Lockheart and Samantha Bentmoor were the perfect cast to bring these characters to life and did so with a complete understanding of who they were portraying, giving each a voice that fit that character’s persona to a tee and were believable in every role they played. Lockheart nailed it as Crew Madden, he grasped every side of his personality, from his most vulnerable and tortured side to his loving and caring side. Brentmoor did the same for Tenny, from her strength and determined side to her soft and caring side, she was amazing in the girls' roles too. Both were great performing the roles of the secondary characters as well. They set the perfect tone for the story, captured all the character’s emotions and projected them into their performance, having you feel every single one. These versatile voice artists are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this wonderful listen.

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