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Acclaimed young adult author Margaret Peterson Haddix consistently captivates listeners with unforgettable books like Among the Hidden and Just Ella. Uprising is a gripping account of a great labor upheaval that sparked unprecedented reforms for workplace safety.

The year is 1910, and the working conditions at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory are deplorable. Bella, Yetta, and Jane all become passionately involved in a workers' strike-then bear witness to a catastrophic fire that changes everything.

Kids & Young Adults
Suzanne Toren
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October 19
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Customer Reviews

chanchan1019 ,

Love it, even though its historical fiction!

Overall the book tells a moral that strengthens the reader in the heart. I cried throughout the last couple chapters. After learning about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in school, I searched for a book and happened to find that one of my favorite authors had written a book about the lesson I glued in my brain.Though the beginning is slow, it gradually grows the suspense to know how Bella, Yetta, and Jane survive.

KatrinaCzeronka ,

Not the Best I've Read.....

OK, well I'm going to start off by saying that M. Haddix is an amazing writer and I love most of her books, but this isnt the best. Too tell you the truth i really didnt like this one. I think Itunes should put the books like Just Ella, or the Among the Hidden series so people would be able to better appreciate her abbilities

Hopeless_Romantic96 ,


This is by far my favorite book. Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote this book incredibly well, and it is a true page-turner!!! I love it!!! She writes with true passion, and obviously did her research. I actually wrote a report for school using a source from this book. I got a lot of my knowledge from just reading this book! It really got me thinking about how much these girls went through. I wonder why this fire is so little-known. It certainly changed history!!!

All in all,

GREAT BOOK. Thank you, Margaret!!!

P.S. I actually met the author a few years ago when she was at a local school. I almost didn't get to go...but somehow I was allowed in, even though I'm homeschooled! She is truly amazing and a very sweet person. Two thumbs up to both the book and the author!

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