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Imagine a Britain stripped of democracy, a world of the not-too-distant future in which freedom has been surrendered willingly to a totalitarian regime which rose to power by exploiting the people’s worst fears and most damning weaknesses.

This is the setting for the parable of Evey, a young woman saved from death by a masked man calling himself V. Beguiling and dangerous, V ignites the fuse of revolution when he urges his fellow citizens to shed the blanket of tyranny and oppression that they have permitted themselves to be cloaked in. While those in power take steps to neutralize the threat, police pursue the mystery of V, unaware of the terrible truth that awaits them. But it is Evey who, with V as her enigmatic guide, sets out on the painful path of deception and self-discovery, deconstruction and re-creation, vindication and vengeance.

Simon Vance
hr min
January 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

JoN oN iPOD ,

One of the greatest...

This is definatly on of the greatest stories ever told. A man who fights with terrorism for justice. It is a great movie and book. See the movie or read the book, or listen to the audiobook. A must buy.

LaPimp ,

We Want V for Vendetta Movie!

I had just finished reading the book and I thought it was amazing!!!
And all of my friends say that the movie was just as good so please put the movie on iTunes so I can can buy it!!!!

yoniboo ,

V for Victory

I saw the movie it was great and i wanted to get it on Audiobook because its that great. A man who believe and knew his government was corrupt and wanted change and restored it. He gained victory. This is a must buy for you, a friend, or whoever you will enjoy it.

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