Vanishing Hour

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Publisher Description

"Corporate lawyer Ava Burch has had enough of the big city and the daily grind. She grew up with her father, who raised search-and-rescue dogs, in rural Texas and has moved to the small town of Cuervo to spend time in the dry, rugged wilderness near Big Bend National Park. When she and her dog, Huck, discover an abandoned campsite on a volunteer search-and-rescue mission, she’s perplexed, but she carefully photographs it all the same. All Grant Wycoff can see when he looks at Ava is a city slicker—with her designer jeans and shiny car—who has no business on a serious team made of seasoned outdoorsmen and retired cops. But when she tells him of her findings on the trail, he sees there’s more to her than meets the eye. Ava’s discovery reminds Grant of the unsolved case of a young woman who went missing two years ago. As they look into the campsite further, another woman disappears under odd circumstances. With time running out, Ava and Grant must work against the brutal heat from both the Texas sun and their own electric chemistry to solve the case."

Mysteries & Thrillers
Julia Atwood
hr min
October 25
Dreamscape Media

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,


Laura Griffin is one of my favorite go to authors for Romantic Suspense. Her stories are always so fascinating to me. She writes about main characters who are in one job or another that would be involved with investigating a crime or multiple crimes like the Vanishing Hour and I'm always hooked with their job and how they investigate.

In this one, Ava is a lawyer who also has a search and rescue dog. She gets involved with a search for a missing boy that ends up leading to something much bigger. She has a high inquisitive nature that won't let her leave what she finds to the authorities and ends up investigating on her own. This introduces Grant, one of the investigative officers, and you see a romance bloom in the midst of a dangerous situation. Like I said...fascinating!

I listened to the audible version of this book and Julie Atwood did a fantastic job of narrating this story. She made it very easy to get lost in the audiobook and did such a good job of each character that I never had trouble knowing which characters she was portraying. I highly recommend this audiobook.

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