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“Viper Pilot is fantastic….A great read!”
—Dale Brown, former USAF Captain and New York Times bestselling author of A Time for Patriots

Action-packed and breathtakingly authentic, Viper Pilot is the electrifying memoir of one of the most decorated F-16 pilots in American history: U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton, who served for twenty years, flying missions in the Iraq War, the Kosovo conflict, and the first Gulf War. Both a rare look into the elite world of fighter pilots and a thrilling first-person account of contemporary air combat, Viper Pilot soars—a true story of courage, skill, and commitment that will thrill U.S. Special Forces buffs, aviation and military history aficionados, and fans of the novels of Tom Clancy and Dale Brown.

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October 2

Customer Reviews

Rick 7140 ,

Viper Pilot

Hampton has written a very decent book about flying the F-16 in combat but I couldn't get over the feeling that Hampton is a little too arrogant for his own good. Basically if you are not a fighter pilot you are nothing. One reference regarding fighter pilots not being able to drink alcohol in certain areas he states that fighter pilots "are not like uneducated enlisted army guys" who can not be trusted apparently with alcohol. Those enlisted army guys die on the battlefield more than Viper Pilots. If you can hold your nose over the arrogant parts its a decent book.

dantizzle ,

Good, but...

Let me start with, I loved Hampton's other books. In general he is a researched and excellent writer. However, this book did not hit the mark. First off there is an entire chapter from his other book. Verbatim. Why? Secondly, the overwhelming feeling from this read is how great of a fighter and person he is. Which comes across as disingenuous because of the egotistical and at times downright braggy manner with which he describes himself. Once again I loved both his other books. I've read them twice. When Hampton writes about others, it leads to tremendously entertaining and exhilarating pieces. When he writes about himself, it seems to lead nowhere other than to a shrine of the author. That said I still finished it and enjoyed parts of it. I hope he writes another book, and I hope it isn't about himself.

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