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Fan-adored author Robyn Carr presents the story of a woman who “needs a change [and] gets something very different than she bargained for” (Booklist, starred review). Recently widowed, grieving Los Angeles midwife/nurse Melinda Monroe answers a small upstate town’s ad for help. Nestled amongst California’s giant redwoods, quaint Virgin River is host to many quirky characters—including bar owner Jack Sheridan, who may be just the man to make Melinda smile again.

Therese Plummer
hr min
December 1
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Customer Reviews

DeeDee388 ,

Virgin River

This is a fantastic story and there are 3 books to follow along with the charaters and their lives. Be aware that this is the 1st book of the second trilogy. The first books that you should read are Grace Valley series. There are 2, yes Virgin River series. The second series came out in 2009. The characters, geography, plot and everything about these books are FANTASTIC.

Agathamae ,

Perfect Escape

I never, repeat NEVER, read romance novels. I think they are awful and have never made it through to the end of one until I stumbled on these looking for books read by Therese Plummer. I gave Virgin River a try. What a wonderful escape. It is a perfect community to escape to for a few hours. Tough guys, strong women, the bad guys always get what's coming to them. Therese Plummer gives the perfect voice to the characters. When my life spins out of control I listen to one of these novels before I go to sleep.

pickbord ,

Virgin River is a great series!!!!!

This is a great start to a series that I love. Mel and Jack are the perfect couple. I loved the hold Virgin River setting. The characters and the story line is a place that I can be lost in for hours at a time. I'm a true fan!!!

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