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The women at Vows - a wedding planning company in Connecticut - make it their business to create memorable events for couples sealing their bonds. And though the bonds among Parker, Emma, Mac, and Laurel may not be official, they are very real - and equally worthy of celebration.

Mackensie Elliot's experience with her broken family has convinced her the only way to make happiness last is to take a picture of it. She does just that at Vows - where her photos, Laurel's cakes, Emma's flowers, and Parker's almost frightening organizational skills combine for a flourishing business. As a bonus, the four friends are able to live on the grounds of Parker's sprawling family estate, where the weddings and other events are staged. Sometimes it means dealing with drama - but even the worst mother-of-the-bridezilla can't compare to Mac's own manipulative mom. Every time Mac talks to her she winds up drained - and so does her bank account.

What helps distract her is slightly-geeky, slightly-klutzy, but oh-so-cute English teacher Carter Maguire. Mac's enjoying the vibe with him - and has no intention of ruining it by making the same mistake her mother makes again and again: getting married. But as the women of Vows band together to score a major client, and Mac nears the breaking point with her mother, she begins to wonder if it's time to come out from behind the camera, and put herself in the picture.

Emily Durante
hr min
April 28
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Mom who wanted her son to read the Ink... series ,

Great book! Annoying narrator

I really liked the story!! I found it sweet and refreshing!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series!! However, I did not like the narrator's voice. I agree with the comment below about how the narrator sounded like she had a mouth full of food, especially when she was doing the voices for the men. Her voice almost made wish I had purchased the hardcopy instead of the audio.

Dancing Fool :) ,


I loved it! Great read for commuting in the car. I found my self parked out in front of the house wanting to hear more. I agree....at times the voice was robotish but easy to over look. :)

Kimmy M ,

good book, terrible narrator

I could hardly focus on the book because the narrator had such a strange child-like voice...

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