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VocabuLearn is the only audio language learning system designed to teach the way you learn best...concentrating on vocabulary and helpful expressions. This three-hour program contains over 1,500 commonly-used words and expressions - the building blocks of language. This audio flash-card system will have you communicating effectively in the shortest time possible. Recommended by educators world-wide, VocabuLearn is prepared by professional instructors and recorded by dialect-free native speakers, giving you the authentic pronunciation of each word. VocabuLearn is ideal for those studying foreign languages. It can also help you prepare for more enjoyable trips to foreign countries...and can even improve your job and business opportunities. Best of all, you can listen to VocabuLearn anywhere...in your car, at home, or on a portable digital audio player - wherever you are. No textbook is required!

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May 16
Penton Overseas, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Kelbey ,

Helpful, but a little fast

This is a fairly for words and phrases, although it does start off with some strange words, and some of the pronunciations are hard to understand. Good for a beginner though.

armlesshobo ,

Maybe they didn't understand you...

Maybe they didn't understand you because you don't speak correctly. I am Portuguese and can understand both Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. My friend bought this, I listened to it, and it does a great job correctly teaching you how to say common words/phrases. I recommend this for beginners

travelling-techie ,

Just words without context

This program is simply throwing hundreds (if not thousands) of words at you one after the other with no context. Imagine trying to learn a language and all you get are, "Dog, Bathroom, Food, Pencil". How are you supposed to learn with that? Even if you have a memory like a steel trap and can actually memorize these words this program gives you no way to place them into a sentence. It doesn't teach you vowels or putting words together in any coherent way. It's basically a dictionary. And the words are said only once...so if you don't catch the proper pronunciation within a few seconds of a word...too bad...because it's on to the next one.

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