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Thomas Nelson introduces the complete bible as a Voice Only Audio Bible in the NKJV. Immerse yourself in God's Word with the beautiful narration of master storyteller Bob Souer.

Religion & Spirituality
Bob Souer
hr min
December 1
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Andre Roux ,

Good but impractical

For those who like to listen through the Bible this will be good and it has some navigation capabilities, which although "hit and miss" at the beginning, provides some navigation to a particular Bible narrative "area". There is the capability to skip back and forth to chapters when in the audio book mode in ITunes, but it is tedious.

For those who want to listen to a specific book and chapter, like many people would like to do, it is not practical at all as there is no clear division of Books and chapters. However, after a while you learn which portion of the Bible a certain section navigates to.

In comparison I bought a CD collection recently of MP3 audio of the KJV which has New and Old Testament division, then Book and chapter which made for easy navigation, and it was a few dollars more. I fail to see why the audio Bible under discussion could not have been made the same.

If I discover an easier navigation function for this Bible I will post it here.

God bless the reading and listening of His Word.

BibleStudent2010 ,

Poor organization

I have to say the recording is great but it is not efficient for finding chapters or verses that you want to hear. The low price attracted me but I will have to buy another audio Bible for my use.

Aforrey ,


Very Pleased with this product at such a low price. Bible broken into 14 sections and reading can be resumed where you leave off in each section. Can easily listen to 10-15 chapters in 45-60 mins. Would love to see this one come out in NASB format.

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