War Is Personal: Hell, Luck, and Resilience: A WWII Combat Marine's Accounts of Okinawa and China (Unabridged‪)‬

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Finalist in The National Indie Excellence Awards! 

2020 Finalist in the Readers' Favorite Award Contest!

“The grim reaper missed me. The dumb bastard had a close-up swing at me on six different occasions - and missed.” (Roy Wilkes)

The Invasion of Okinawa was one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theatre, and Roy Wilkes, USMC, was unfortunate enough to have a front-row seat. True, gripping stories of being a scared 17-year-old Combat Marine trying to stay alive behind enemy lines. 

He witnessed 23 of his friends die in a bombing. True, gripping stories and pictures reveal the mind, heart, and soul of a fighting WWII Marine. 

This fascinating book is also a perfect history lesson for war buffs and students since it covers all aspects of the Battle of Okinawa: mental, emotional, historical, and personal. There are short stories about the war - some tragic, some funny, some thought-provoking - but all true. 

There are also 54 pictures, two interviews with Roy, and After the War sections. This eyewitness account gives the complete picture of what World War II was really like. Also how PTSD was with him 'til the end of his life. 

In his twilight years, he reflects on how his nightmare war memories affected his life, and yet his indomitable spirit helped him cope, and become successful in life. 

Excerpts from this book:

“The casualties were monumental. Trucks were coming down the lines with Marines piled like cordwood. They put ponchos over ‘em, but you could see all these feet dangling out. It was like a conveyor belt. We were going up and they were coming back. The only difference is we were alive - and they were dead.” 

“Continuous rain dampened the soul.

The low, thick dark clouds made sure God didn’t see.

What happened here was a secret from Him.

God was busy someplace else.

So this part of His Universe went insane.”

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