Warlords of the Circle Sea Box Set: Books 1 to 3: A 4X LitRPG City Building Epic (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $25.99

Publisher Description

Series complete! Get the first three books here!

Dragged through a portal to a fantasy land brimming with monsters, Connor has to hit the ground running just to survive. Worse, he has to get settlement-building to defend himself against 99 other lords, all of whom are out for his blood!

Warlords of the Circle Sea is a LitRPG town-building adventure packed full of monster battles, shady elves, an unhelpful wiki called Borg, and a smoking-hot goddess named Xandaphrey.

But Connor is not alone. Others have been dragged from Earth. He must enlist them to help him build an empire, or else he will fail. If he does, only death awaits. 

Follow Connor as he builds his team, his town, and his new country of Devon. He expected to die when the car smashed into him; now he’s been reincarnated in a new land, plunged butt-naked into a strange 4X game-world with only 30 days to build a strong and defensible kingdom, and with only one advantage - he has his gamer instincts. Will that be enough, or will he need some luck?

Finding himself at the bottom of the leaderboard, he’ll need to complete dangerous side quests to catch up if he’s to have any hope of winning the contest. Can Connor and his crew battle their way to victory? 

Warlords of the Circle Sea Box Set includes books one through three. That’s Dragon’s Mist, Dragon’s Born, and Dragon’s Realm and a huge listen. Pick up Dragon’s Knight and Dragon’s End, and you’ve got the whole story! 

If you like empire-building, action-packed sequences, detailed progression stats, and fantasy worlds, then you’ll love Ember Lane’s merciless countdown. Buy Warlords of the Circle Sea Box Set to plug in and conquer today! 

Warlords of the Circle Sea is a LitRPG adventure fantasy packed full of monster hunting and town building. Plenty of cussing. No harem. Yeah, big weapons and stats abound!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Pavi Proczko
hr min
February 12
Ian Thompson

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