Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour

Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour

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The sixth book in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series

Join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter’s Warriors series a bestselling phenomenon. More thrilling adventures, epic action, and fierce warrior cats await in Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour.

The time has come for Fireheart—now Firestar, leader of ThunderClan—to face his destiny. Tigerstar’s sinister ambitions have brought the whole forest to the brink of a terrible and deadly battle. Now prophecies will unfold, and heroes will rise….

Kids & Young Adults
MacLeod Andrews
hr min
October 10

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slimswedee ,

Chapter I

StrongPaw and PearlPaw walked to the ClanRock.StrongPaw was nervous to be made a warrior because he had only trained as an apprentice for 7 moons and he thought he should have trained for just 12 moons but alas the apprentice trotted under the high rock next to his mentor GoldClaw who gave him her nod of approval and on his other side PearlPaw was sitting next to her mentor NightFur and then GoldenStar called out “All cats who can brave the thorns of the roses gather under the clanrock for a clan meeting!” The medicine cat FernPool came out of her den with her apprentice SnailPaw who came trotting slowly over. GoldenStar then announced “I, GoldenStar leader of RoseClan look down upon these 2 apprentices who have trained to honor the warrior code.And I shall give them their warrior names.” PearlPaw raised her head but StrongPaw looked up with his ears down. “PearlPaw do you promise to keep this clan safe at the cost of your life?” PearlPaw nodded her head in respect, “Then by the power of StarClan I give you your warrior name.PearlPaw from this point forward you will be known as PearlHeart.” PearlHeart nodded and she then walked over to the leader and touched noses. GoldenStar continued “StrongPaw you will now be known as StrongClaw.May StarClan guide you.” She touched noses with StrongClaw who in return purred.Suddenly FernPool let out a gagging noise and she started to shake. “There will be two cats, children of blood will save the clans from blood and from the marsh when ice rules the marsh.One of the cats will die.The other will save us.”

warriorsIScool ,

Part 2 of Chapter 4 of Ivywhisker’s Truth!

Part 2 of chapter 4:
Ivywhisker studied him, preparing herself to fight if necessary. He was a huge smoky gray tom, muscle under the fluffy fur. His tail was long and bushy, and he had downy, tufted ears. Birch stopped pacing and stared at him.
“I am Mysticstar,” he said, his voice an elegant rumble. “I have rescued you.”
Ivywhisker opened her mouth to say thank you but he cut her off. “Since I have rescued you, you must take a vow to never kill a cat unless they are going for the death blow, and to help any cat who needs help. If you break this vow, I will wipe your memories and you will serve me for the rest of your life. Please do not think me cruel. I am only trying to help all cats live and thrive, as did the Mysticstar before me, and the Mysticstar before her, and as the Mysticstar after me will.
“Your other options are these: You can choose to go back to the situation I rescued you from. You can join MysticClan, helping all cats. You can join GalaxyClan or GlowClan, Clans of cats that have special powers. You can live a long happy life in all of those Clans. But you cannot tell the Five Clans about me, and I will not wipe your memories for unnecessary reasons. If you choose to stay my protected, you can take the oath. Is this clear?”
Both she and Birch nodded.
“Good. You have three days to decide.”
Ivywhisker stepped forward and spoke.
“I will take the vow.”
She was aware of another voice speaking in harmony with hers, and looked to see that Birch had also stepped forward. Mysticstar looked at them with amusement, and then nodded.
“Very good. Repeat after me.”
Ivywhisker meowed in unison with Birch,
“I will never kill a cat unless they are fighting to strike a death blow. I will always help cats that need help and ask for it. I will never tell the Five Clans about MysticClan or anything that has been said here. This I swear as Ivywhisker of ThunderClan, daughter of Mossyleap and Aldertail, sister to Dawnthorn and Mudfang.” Birch simply said, “This I swear as Birch, brother to Cream.”
“Good. Very good. May our paths cross again, Ivywhisker and Birch.”
Mysticstar strode back into the tunnel, and the vines knitted back together. The last thing that Ivywhisker saw was a bright white light.

shdcud ,


I love it.

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