Warriors: Power of Three #2: Dark River

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Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues with the second book in the Power of Three series!

The second book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three #2: Dark River, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans.

Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw, grandchildren of the Clan leader Firestar, are thriving as ThunderClan apprentices. Yet their new responsibilities bring new dangers, and each young cat is about to discover darkness: in the past, in the Clans—and in themselves.

Kids & Young Adults
MacLeod Andrews
hr min
December 3

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warriorsIScool ,

Ivywhisker’s Truth Chapter 5!

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“Rogues most definitely!”
When Ivywhisker woke up, she was sprawled in the moss at a location she knew, not too far from the ThunderClan camp. She was absolutely exhausted, but the minute she stepped through the camp entrance cats clustered around her concernedly.
“Where were you?”
“We’ve been looking for you for nearly a moon!”
“Are you okay, Ivywhisker?”
She realized it was the middle of the night and staggered to her nest in the warriors’ den. She would deal with the world tomorrow.
After waking up, eating some prey, and answering all the questions (“I don’t know what happened. I must have been knocked out in the mountains. It’s a miracle that I survived.”), she went to see the medicine cat. She needed to ask her about something important, something that she had been suspicious about for a while.
“Mooncloud?” Ivywhisker called.
“Yes?” The young black and white medicine cat blinked her mismatched green and blue eyes, one of which had a scar over it. She had managed to retain most of her sight, but the scar would never go away.
“Umm…” Ivywhisker lowered her voice. “Am I crazy or am I expecting kits?”
Mooncloud stared. Then she laughed.
“I was wondering when you’d ask me that. I never dreamed that you’d ask me in such a straightforward way!”
“So I am?” Ivywhisker asked.
“Yes, you are. Whose are they?”
“Ummm…” Ivywhisker genuinely wasn’t sure. They could be Smokefall’s kits, but that was unlikely. They had barely been mates for six moons. But if it wasn’t him, then who was it?
Mooncloud swished her long, fluffy tail.
“Never mind. I’m not really in a place to ask… never mind. Just never mind.”
Ivywhisker’s eyes traced the line of Mooncloud’s flank.
•I’m not in a place to ask…ask about mates… ask about kits… kits… is she?•
“Mooncloud,” Ivywhisker whispered. “Are you carrying kits?”
“What? No. No…”
The medicine cat folded in on herself for
a moment. Ivywhisker stepped closer to comfort her.
“It’s not the end of the Clans. Things like this happen all the time, and it’s not even your fault that you had a mate as a loner. I’ll nurse your kits if you want to remain a medicine cat.”
Mooncloud looked up, eyes shining with sadness.
“You would?” she murmured.
“Of course. It’s not your fault.”
“Thank you, Ivywhisker.”
~~~~~~~~Eight Moons Later~~~~~~~
Ivywhisker looked around. She was at the designated spot, waiting for Mooncloud. The young medicine cat had asked the leader to gather herbs. Here she came now, mismatched blue and green eyes gleaming in the shadow of a tree.
After a long while of picking herbs and hunting, Mooncloud’s legs wobbled and she gasped in pain. She eased down to the ground.
“I’m going into labor. Hurry! Get a stick!”
Ivywhisker dashed to the pile of sturdy sticks that they had made. Grabbing one, she shoved it between Mooncloud’s jaws. The medicine cat bit down and then released her jaws when the pain eased.
“Press on my flanks,” the she-cat gasped.
Ivywhisker gently placed her paws on the she-cat’s swollen side and pushed. Mooncloud yowled through the stick as the first kit came out.
“Push on three… two…”
Ivywhisker pushed as Mooncloud bit down and the second kit slid out.
“That’s all.” She gasped. “It was an easy birth. StarClan bless you.”
Ivywhisker picked the kits up, according to Mooncloud’s directions, and tore the membrane off them. She exhaled. The medicine cat curled her tail around her brand-new kits and huffed.
“Oof. That was hard. Never having more kits. Believe me when I say medicine cats aren’t missing much.”
One kit was black and white and the other was brown with a long, fluffy tail and a white paw. They could be passed off as hers, the black and white the spitting image of Skymoon. She was lucky. Mooncloud hadn’t even finished suckling her kits when Ivywhisker felt something deep in her stomach.
“The kits,” she gasped. “They’re coming.”

Rosy Spotted Kitten ,

A change in plans, Chapter 9 and 10

——Chapter 9——

I gazed coldly at AmethystStar. My kits were playing, happily chasing my apprentice—well former apprentice— StonePaw. I lashed my tail. I could hear quiet whispers coming from my den mates.
“How is her fur that color?”
“Why did it change?”
“Something doesn’t feel good about this.”
“Shhh. Don’t let her hear us.”
I twitched my ears, staining to hear more, but my den mates were talking quieter now, cautious about me hearing. “Mommy! Look at me!!” I turned to see my only daughter, gently pinning a butterfly.
I nodded in approval, “Good job! Soon you’ll be hunting real prey!” I could hear grumbles of disapproval and disbelief. I ignored it, but flicked my ears to show that I had heard them.

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