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You want to shed those additional pounds without resorting to unhealthy dieting habits or without depriving yourself? You want to start using your body’s natural intelligence for enhancing your weight loss progress? You also want to drop extra weight and clean your body from toxic substances?

If these questions relate to you in any way, you are definitely in the right place. If you struggle with extra pounds, keep in mind that you are not the only one. Actually, nowadays many people are struggling with this issue due to differing reasons. Some of them are genetically predisposed to weight gain, some of them cannot resist sugary treats, some of them believe that they have no time to invest in exercise. There are a variety of reasons why people gain weight and no matter your reason, there is only one right solution, changing your dieting habits.

The truth is that we are constantly bombarded by dieting plans which often times propose things which work against the body’s natural healing function. Some of these dieting plans propose extreme cuts in the daily carb intake while some of them propose cuts made to fat intake. While they generally differ from each other, all of these popular dieting plans have one thing in common, they do not take into account the body’s natural ability to restore its function and heal itself. This is where water fasting comes into the game. Contrarily to popular belief, fasting does not mean starving yourself, but restoring your health by embracing your body’s natural power and healing properties.

Inside you will discover:

Learn healthy ways of taking care of your body
The importance of making healthy dieting and nutrition changes
What means being cautious about what you consume
Explore different reasons behind weight gain
What are health consequences of gaining weight
What are health, social, and mental health benefits of losing weight
Understand the power of water fasting
How water fasting works and what are its major health benefits
How to properly prepare for your water fasting
How to take the most out of your water fasting journey for weight loss
And much, much more...

Get this audiobook now and learn how to properly embrace the power of water fasting for boosting your weight loss progress and restoring your overall health!

Scottie Calif
hr min
April 22
Kathleen Kelly