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A Green Beret's gripping memoir of American Special Forces in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

In 1970, on his second tour to Vietnam, Nick Brokhausen served in Recon Team Habu, CCN. Officially, it was known as the Studies and Observations group. In fact, this Special Forces squad, which Brokhausen calls "an unwashed, profane, ribald, joyously alive fraternity", undertook some of the most dangerous and suicidal reconnaissance missions ever in the enemy-controlled territory of Cambodia and Laos.

But they didn't infiltrate the jungles alone. They fought alongside the Montagnards — oppressed minorities from the mountain highlands, trained by the US military in guerrilla tactics, armed, accustomed to the wild, and fully engaged in a war against the North Vietnamese.

Together, this small unit formed the backbone of ground reconnaissance in the Republic of Vietnam, racking up medals for valor — but at a terrible cost.

George Spelvin
hr min
October 30
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Customer Reviews

Jay Glikman ,

One of the best audiobooks.

On one hand, an accurate account of the fears and horrors of close combat, and on the other hand a hilarious description of the lives of SF soldiers during the Vietnam war. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Silverarmywolf ,

Entertaining and enlightening

By far, this well written book and the excellent narration will keep your glued to your headpiece.
Nick details the harrowing stories in such a way that little is left to imagine. What a life this amazing man lived.

Danny3572 ,

Top of my list!!!

Amazing I will listen to this many more times in the future!! Thank you all for your service without men like you we wouldn’t have the freedoms we do today.... Definitely right to the top of my list of favorites!!!

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