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Prince Roger MacClintock was heir to the galaxy’s Throne of Man and a spoiled young brat—that is, until he and his Royal Marines were stranded on the barbarian planet Marduk. So far, they’ve traversed a continent, taken over an enemy spaceport, and hijacked a starship. But they’re not home free yet—because home is no longer free.

Traitors have murdered Prince Roger’s brother and sister. His mother, the empress, is still alive, but in the hands of Roger’s own biological father, who controls her through drugs and torture. A new heir to the throne has been conceived, and once he is born, Roger’s mother will no longer be necessary to the traitors’ plans. Prince Roger must somehow retake the empire before his new brother is born and his mother dies. It’s an impossible task—but Prince Roger knows all about impossible tasks.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stefan Rudnicki
hr min
June 27
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Phoenix Guardian ,

The Chosen Few

This is a truly amazing book, with action, plot, and complexity we've come to expect from Weber and Ringo. This story has huge amounts of political intrege and insite yet it is simplifed so it doesn't sandbag you with it complexity. The military combat both on planet and in space is action filled and strategic, filled with the self sacrifice and braver of heroes. The technology is inspired and futuristic but completely beleavable, with new ideas to challenge your brain ever time you figure something out. The story is indepth and can draw you into the story and feel with the characters and the story is explained so well it is almost a stand-alone, without its fellow books in the series ( look up: March Upcountry). Its a good book for beginners, just getting into military science fiction and veterans too. All in all a buy for anyone looking into military science fiction but try it and trust me youll be into military science fiction by the end!

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