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Expecting first-time moms: Your first pregnancy is an exciting time in life! It can also be a bit terrifying. You have many questions and you don’t know what to expect. Questions like, how do you choose the right OB-GYN? What foods can you eat? What if I go into labor earlier? Every new parent goes through this. 

What to Expect for First Time Moms and Pregnancy Secrets is a beacon, a light in the dark to help you find your way back home. Let’s put an end to those sleepless nights. 

This complete guide will help you:

Pick an OB-GYN that won’t make you lose your mind or tear your hair out 
Morning sickness remedies that taste good and won’t make you sicker 
Keep your body fit and healthy with baby-safe exercise and nutrition tips 
Reveal the worst most horrifying mistakes to avoid during pregnancy 
Discover the stages of labor, birthing techniques, and how to recover fast 

What to expect: untold pregnancy secrets

Pregnancy can be scary. Labor can give you nightmares but it’s not as scary when you’re informed. When you know exactly what’s to come, and when you’re prepared for the unexpected, everything will fall into place. That’s why this audiobook is essential and a must have. Because it’s a compilation of expert tips and ideas to help you survive the first nine months and beyond. Inside, you’ll get your biggest deepest questions answered. 

If you could just listen to this audiobook, you'll pick up the best tips, tricks, and advice to ease away the worries. Get all the best information in a single resource. Information like: what not to buy so you can save money on the essentials; maternity clothing secrets that will make you flourish and your friends gush about how well you look; healthy exercises recommended by leading medical experts and gurus; how to deal with stretch marks naturally and safely!

Inside this audiobook, I’ll guide you to:

Learn what I wish I knew when I was pregnant and help you skip my mistakes 
Get your pregnancy off to the best start possible while avoiding morning sickness 
The secrets to each trimester that you never would think of trying for a healthy pregnancy 
Learn powerful pregnancy exercises and how to lose weight fast after birth 
Avoid the biggest money traps and newborn pitfalls that could put you in debt for years

Taran MacGraw
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April 24
Catherine Emily