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New York Times bestselling author Rob Bell, whom The New Yorker describes as “one of the most influential Christian leaders in the country,” does for the concept of God what he did for heaven and hell in his book Love Wins: He shows how traditional ideas have grown stale and dysfunctional and how to return vitality and vibrancy to lives of faith today.

Pastor Rob Bell explains why both culture and the church resist talking about God, and shows how we can reconnect with the God who is pulling us forward into a better future. Bell uses his characteristic evocative storytelling to challenge everything you think you know about God. What We Talk About When We Talk About God tackles the misconceptions about God and reveals how God is with us, for us, ahead of us, and how understanding this could change the entire course of our lives.

Religion & Spirituality
Rob Bell
hr min
March 12

Customer Reviews

Folk Me ,

Worth the read!

I enjoyed the book, it provokes thought. God is everywhere and pulling us forward!

Rycon2306 ,

Everyone, everywhere, welcome

Mr. Bell continues to write in a way that engages a broader audience. He has a way of welcoming everybody to a larger faith than any one religion can define.

FLDukie ,

Worse rambling than usual

After Love Wins, I thought I'd found an author I liked in Christian thought, even if he was on the fringe. This book, however, was too stream-of-thought and only compelling to the already compelled.

We can't discard miracles out of hand, he argues, because of quantum indeterminacy. Strange things do happen. Sometimes, people are nice, ergo angels. Etc.

Most Christians won't like any of his books, a priori. Most others won't be swayed by the few nuggets of argument they're able to dig out of the heaps of numbers and irrelevant pop-culture references. I don't know who this book is for.

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