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It was hard being one of four boys growing up in the 1940s in a dysfunctional family. Throw in alcoholic parents, a hot-tempered purebred American Indian mother, a father running secret missions for the military, and three wild brothers, and you got a mix of family craziness.

This is a beautiful and engaging audiobook about surviving and prospering after growing up in a dysfunctional family. It is told by a man who is a brother, husband, father, veteran, and overall good guy who has a lot of life lessons to share with the world.

Author Sammy Lee Gott shares an emotional and raw telling of events tempered with insightful moments that shaped the way he sees the world today. This audiobook is about his life journeys. From poor to financially well off. From emotionally broken to loved and centered. From a feeling of self-doubt to one of self-worth. From a nonspiritual beginning to finding Christ. From not knowing what good parents are to raising independent and well-adjusted children who have a sense of what family is really about.

This audiobook will make you think. It will also make you cry.

The audiobook talks about all aspects of life - what it was like moving around so much, a lack of schooling (because they kept moving), early childhood years when the boys thought no one understood or loved them, relationships with women, finding Christ, relationships with their children, work, military service, and growing older.

Most works about dysfunctional families spend most of the time defining what one is, not showing you the emotional scars. Most authors of works involving dysfunctional families write about resenting the world; they want to explain why they are the way they are, or they want to spread negativism in their work. Not this one. You see the growth, the hope, and the resolution. Sammy Lee Gott demonstrates his forgiveness and his ability to move on.

Absolutely beautiful.

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Sammy Lee Gott