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Wizard Harry Dresden must investigate his own flesh and blood when a series of killings strike Chicago’s magic practitioners in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Someone is targeting the members of the city’s supernatural underclass—those who don’t possess enough power to become full-fledged wizards. Some have vanished. Others appear to be victims of suicide. But now the culprit has left a calling card at one of the crime scenes—a message for Harry Dresden.
Harry sets out to find the apparent serial killer, but his investigation turns up evidence pointing to the one suspect he cannot possibly believe guilty: his half-brother, Thomas. To clear his brother’s name, Harry rushes into a supernatural power struggle that renders him outnumbered, outclassed, and dangerously susceptible to temptation.
And Harry knows that if he screws this one up, people will die—and one of them will be his brother...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
James Marsters
hr min
April 30
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

LovelyMsTwiggy ,

White Nnight

The Dresden series is by far my favorite series of all times and I have been a fan of Marsters ever since he played my absolute favorite vampire Spike from Buffy. THE BEST BOOK, one of the Best Authors, and THE BEST NARRATOR I could ever imagine for such awesome books!

Me Myself ,

Great book

Wonderful book, and an amazing narrator. I eagerly await the rest of the series!

DoneBrokeIt ,

Fix download!

Paid $30 and it only downloaded part 2. Had no problems with the other books I downloaded at the same time. It just gives a msg saying its paid for but not downloaded, but won't let me retry. I've never had problems before so I just now realized there's no contact/help function to report problems??? It appears someone else had same problem.

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