Who We Are: Perfect Everlasting, Book 1 (Unabridged) Who We Are: Perfect Everlasting, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Who We Are: Perfect Everlasting, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

USA Today best-selling author Claudia Burgoa pens a thought-provoking emotional duet that works through the angst of finding love amidst past hurts and the pain associated with not belonging, not fitting in.

He says they can both love me. Protect me. Be the men I need. Can I possibly believe them?

Every one of my relationships—from hookups to business partners—begins and ends with an NDA. Hell, I’ve never even been on a real date. That’s what happens when your famous, secretly gay parents go to extremes to protect their kids from the media’s unrelenting spotlight.

In a life where I try on and cast off pet projects like I change my socks, two people generate the kind of chemistry that holds my interest. Believe me, that’s saying something.

There’s my brother’s business partner, Tristan Cooperson. Mr. Hot Suit. Professional overthinker. Doesn’t just avoid mixing business with pleasure. He doesn’t mix pleasure with…anything.

Then there’s the beautiful bartender Thea Dennis. Skittish as the butterfly gracing the logo of one of her many side gigs. Hiding her past like a wounded dragon guarding its hoard.

Can you picture it? Tristan, Thea, and me. The perfect love. Untouchable by all the bad things of the world. Or capable of dragging us through the nine circles of hell.

Who We Are is the first book of the Perfect Everlasting duet. A polyamorous relationship packed with angst and two hot AF men.

Note: Part of this book was published under Uncut and significantly expanded.

Jason Clarke, Erin Mallon, Teddy Hamilton
hr min
March 8
Cyburg Ink, LLC

Customer Reviews

AudiobooksAndSweetTea ,

A perfect duet!

After having just listened to another duet by 𝙲𝚕𝚊𝚞𝚍𝚒𝚊 𝙱𝚞𝚛𝚐𝚘𝚊, I couldn't wait to dive into these two. And, what can I say? I am forever a fan because these two books stole my soul!

𝑾𝒉𝒐 𝑾𝒆 𝑨𝒓𝒆 is the start of Matthew, Tristan and Thea's story. I absolutely loved getting to know who these beautifully chiseled characters were. These three characters have had struggles, pain, and secrets. The chemistry between the night club owner, bartender & musician is off the charts. Their story is filled with all the angst and I loved it!

𝑾𝒉𝒐 𝑾𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 is just as beautifully written. The love dynamic between these three absolutely enveloped me in a way I didn't want to end. The sizzling passion between them is evident and the way they loved each other through every moment was emotionally moving. I loved this conclusion to the duet!

I also adored the epic casting for bringing these characters to life. 𝐽𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑟𝑘𝑒, 𝑇𝑒𝑑𝑑𝑦 𝐻𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑡𝑜𝑛 & 𝐸𝑟𝑖𝑛 𝑀𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑛 are seasoned narrators who's voice blend beautifully, who transform into the characters they are voicing and epically bring them to the listener in an emotionally moving way! I truly felt like I was listening to friends fall in love!

This duet is beautiful. It will make you smile, it will make you cry, it will make you cheer for these three souls who deserve their epic loves! It is an incredibly unforgettable, rollercoaster ride of epic proportions!

Bette H ,

Enthralling & Moving! Great Story & Narration🎧

The Decker triplets are some of the most intriguing characters, how could they not be since they have the most intriguing parents, Chris Decker and Gabe Colthurst. I loved Ainsley’s story in the “Unexpected Everlasting” duet and Jacob’s story in the “Somehow Everlasting” duet, and have been waiting for Matthew Decker’s story to come to audio and I would like to say Claudia Burgoa saved the last brother for last, but I can’t since it would not be fair to take away from the other sibling’s books and they are all equally amazing. While it is not necessary to have read or listened to the other siblings’ books, I highly recommend you do, starting with Ainsley’s story, you meet and hear about her brothers and it touches on what their family life was like in that book.  Claudia Burgoa takes her readers and listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride with her first book of the “Perfect Everlasting”, the story captivated my attention and tugged on my heartstrings the entire time and I could not tear myself away from it. Matthew Decker does not get one love interest, he gets two, Tristan Cooperson and Thea Dennis. Tristan is Matthew’s brother's work partner, and he is working with him while Jacob is on his honeymoon. Matthew likes what he sees when he first meets Tristan, even propositions him, but Tristan wants none of that and tells him he is not gay. Matthew tells him he is not gay either, he just goes with whoever he wants, no labels necessary. He could see it is a touchy topic for Tristan, and the more he gets to know him, the more he realizes he has some serious issues and skeletons in his closet. Tristan wants Matthew but can not have him because he can not be who he really wants to be, thanks to his parents doing a number on him growing up. Thea tends bar at the Silver Moon, and is finishing school to become a therapist. She is a former child actor and her parents were leeches and took advantage of her in the worst ways possible. It left her damaged, but she dug herself out of a hole, reinvented herself and was doing the best she can to make the most out of life. Her life takes another turn when Matthew and Tristan enter it. It was great to watch these three start a new relationship and get to know each other. There were obstacles and hurdles to jump and l admired Matthew for his patience with both Tristan and Thea. Tristan was great with Thea too and it was also great to watch him coming into his own, though he is still a work in progress, well actually all three are. This is a beautifully written and plotted story has plenty of drama, angst, heartfelt emotions, and some steamy romance. There are lots of layers to the story and the complexity of the characters is phenomenal. Claudia Burgoa, thank you for another amazing story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

🎧📚🎧 And for the fabulous narration and lineup of talent, did an amazing job of bringing these characters and story to life. Jason Clarke, Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton are experienced narrators and that experience reflected in their performance. They had a complete understanding of the characters they were portraying, gave each a voice that fit that character perfectly and were believable in every role they played. Clarke nailed it as Tristan, he grasped every side of his personality, including his tormented side, and his caring side, and everything in between. Hamilton’s Matthew was perfection, full of personality and so likable. Mallon, as Thea was also perfection, she too grasped every side of her personality, including her vulnerabilities and fears. They set the perfect tone for the story, captured all the character’s emotions and projected them into their performance, making you feel every single one. These versatile voice artists are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another exceptional listen.  

Bblgum7 ,

Matt, Tristan & Thea

This is a book that I never would have picked to read by myself. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to receive a copy because WOW! Claudia has a gift at creating characters that we can love and feel close to. Who We Are is a book that involves a 3 people on the verge of becoming a throuple, love, self-acceptance, and MYSTERY! I do not personally relate to any of these characters, yet I feel deeply for them and want the best for them. If you love romance and mystery, this book is for you.