Whole: Navigating the Trauma of Pregnancy Loss (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Let me first say how sorry I am, because few experiences in life can be more devastating than losing your baby.

If you are listening to these lines, you have already experienced for yourself that pregnancy loss can break you, leaving an empty hole and fractured heart where your baby once was.  

Pregnancy loss is a real loss and can leave you feeling the exact opposite of whole: empty, isolated, broken, damaged. You have a right to be seen, heard, acknowledged, held, and know that you're not alone in this traumatic grief. You deserve more than a simple guide to overcome this time: This book will be like a friend for you and represents a practice tool through the painful emotions and psychological impact of losing your baby. Be sure: You are not alone! You will receive deep and loving support and discover:

How to acknowledge, allow, and feel the shock, anger, sadness so that you can make space for the grief
When and where to get support when you feel overwhelmed and lost; to face social isolation
How to calm anxious thoughts, and how to take care of your mind, body and soul
Increased self awareness so you can navigate close relationships with your partner, well meaning friends and family
Real tips to reduce stress

This is not another book telling you all of the medical reasons why you may have lost your baby, but it will be a concrete support for your emotion and your heart. In my career as a nurse and holistic life coach, I am passionate about therapeutic relationships and helping women navigate the emotional and psychological trauma of life and find peace…even when life is not okay and you have suffered the unimaginable, devastating loss of your baby. There are ways to holistically feel whole again, and believe me, you get to feel that way again!

If you need help to face the trauma of this loss and feel whole, then you need to listen to this audiobook.

Heather Dolson
hr min
December 15
Heather Dolson