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Media powerhouse and expert critic Bill O'Reilly's most comprehensive book yet offers new insight into the current state of life in America. In examining the social, political, and economic aspects of our daily lives, O'Reilly exhausts every bureaucratic system to see what our higher-ups are doing to take care of us, and points out the people and institutions who are failing the average American. At the same time, he makes one of his most profound and daring journeys yet, as he ventures to question how much genuine altruism is left in a society that thrives on a competitive, increasingly self-indulgent ethos. With thoughtfulness and candor, O'Reilly targets our biggest problems, and offers sage advice on how to regain control and trust in these troubled times.

Bill O'Reilly
hr min
September 23
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

G. Baz ,

Great Audiobook

Bill does a great job of reading his book, you can tell he's passionate, and it's enjoyable to listen to his voice. While one may not agree, or disagree, with everything in the audiobook, the content does make you think about the issues he brings to light. And I believe he's as balanced as one can be. While I did not read the book, I have read some of his other books, and did thumb through this one. My only criticism would be if he would footnote and document his sources better so one can investigate further. Keep up the good work Bill. Can't wait for your next book.

sisterana ,

Simply Awesome!

Bill tells it like it is...the TRUTH.

unteka ,


Waht a great book I am 25 years old and a big fan of Mr O'Reilly he speaks the thruth like no one else and that is a sad thing....I feel like I know who is and who isn't looking out for me after reading this book, and I can't Mr. O'Reilly enough for giving me that advantage as I start to find my place in the world

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