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Publisher Description

A tall tale sets off a comic chain of mishaps from Mosquito to Iguana to Python to Rabbit to Owl, but all is wisely resolved by King Lion at the jungle council meeting.

Kids & Young Adults
James Earl Jones
hr min
January 1
Weston Woods

Customer Reviews

BabyDee78 ,

I love it even more with James Earl Jones reading!!!

I purchased this for my daughter's mp3 player and she loves this story. I had no idea that James Earl Jones was reading it which made it even better. I love it!!

HMM08 ,

Worth the money

A great book made even better by a great voice. My three-year-old is captivated!

SilverPenny ,

I love the voice of James Earl Jones

I absolutely love books written for children. My children are grown and gone and have children of their own. I still read all kinds of stories written for children. I realize it is hypothetical. I don't like this story! I don't like the sounds each animal makes. The mosquito doesn't get punished and Owl doesn't get justice because everyone "passed the buck" for their own actions. The Lion judge isn't fair in the punishment. They never find the mosquito but the story is supposed to make you feel good because the mosquito is free to buzz in your ear and continue to annoy everyone. This story is traced backwards and basically the lying mosquito is blamed for all the animals that screamed wolf without checking the source. The story bothered me from the git go. I felt it lacked common sense. It reminds me of what is going on in our society today. We aren't getting justice. Our laws aren't being enforced. We don't have a broken system. Our system works when you have honest people administering laws.