Wicca: This Book Includes: Wicca for Beginners, Wicca Spells, Wicca Book of Candle Spells, Wicca Moon Magic, Wicca Crystal Magic, Wicca Book of Herbal Spells (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you are looking for a complete guide to master the Wicca religion and be able to practice as an experienced Wiccan, then keep reading.

Six Manuscripts in One Book 

Many times people who are starting to get interested in this religion learn only how they can begin to practice it superficially, without developing a very detailed and profound knowledge. Often this is demonstrated by the fact that they always practice the usual spells and above all that through these they are unable to obtain tangible results.

For this reason, this complete collection has the goal to provide all the necessary and corrected information and to make anyone who wants it to become an expert Wiccan practitioner.

There will be many theoretical notions to increase your knowledge of religion and to make you acquire skills and competences to start immediately to improve your spells and your life.

Lisa Moon will be a guide for the novices and for experts who will want to implement and master the practice of Wicca with a complete path of six books in one.

In this box set you will find: 

Wicca For Beginners: A Wiccan’s Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, History, Rituals, Magic and Spells to Start Practicing Witchcraft

Wicca Spells: A Book of Wiccan Spells for Witches and Other Practitioners of Magic and Witchcraft 

Wicca Book of Candle Spells: A Wiccan’s Guide to Candle Magic, Shadows and Rituals for Wiccans, Witches and Other Practitioners of Witchcraft

Wicca Moon Magic: A Wiccan’s Guide to Lunar Spells and Rituals for Witchcraft Practitioners

Wicca Crystal Magic: A Wiccan’s Guide to Magical Healing Crystal and Spells for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Witchcraft

Wicca Book of Herbal Spells: A Wiccan’s Guide to Herbal Magic and Shadows for Wiccans, Witches and Other Practitioners of Witchcraft

In short, here is what you will discover on this Wiccan route:

The ancient history of Wicca
Practical profile of Wiccan circles, coven, and advice for solitary practice
The fundamental elements and cornerstones of Wiccan magic, rituals, and spells
Tips for selecting candles based on magical goals
Instructions for eliminating, charging, anointing, and the inscription of candles
Color matches for the magic of candles
Why the moon has been essential to life on Earth
The moon and the triple Goddess
A detailed breakdown of magical properties of the lunar cycle
How charge tools with lunar energy
Vibrational energy in crystals and how it works
How to harness the projective and receptive energies of crystals
Widely used crystals in Wicca
The importance of nature in Wicca religion
Profiles of the most popular herbs in Wicca
How to create your magic garden
Charging herbs for magical use
Hundreds of spells and rituals to improve every aspect of life
And much more!

Even if you are not a Wiccan, don't worry, because Lisa Moon, with decades of experience, has a very simple and direct approach and will guide you to discover this magical world.

If you are ready to master the Wicca religion today, buy this book now!

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Katrina Medina
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Lisa Moon

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