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First, there was pain, and now, there is just...nothing. No one can ever understand the losses I've suffered. A solitary existence that consists of my work and the empty house that serves as a constant reminder of all I have lost.

After months of paralyzing emptiness, I turn to the Wicked Horse so I can feel something. Anything, really. Any shred of emotion that will explain why I'm still here. Any justification for why my life was spared and theirs were not.

It's all in vain. Not even the debauchery of the notorious sex club can fill the hollowness that consumes me.

Until she walks in.

Absolutely perfect. Gorgeous and bends to my will. Gives me her body willingly, while expecting nothing more from me than the pleasure I offer her. And the more she gives, the more I find myself wanting to take.

Wanting to crawl out of my personal hell for this wicked angel.

Lance Greenfield, Kirsten Leigh
hr min
August 6
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Coleys reviews ,

Wickedly hot!

I live in the south, but I don’t know which is hotter , this hot humid air or this book!!! Lance Greenfield and Kirstin Leigh do a great job portraying Benjamin and Elaina. Benjamin is far from looking for love, he was dead inside , but was desperately trying to feel something when he asks to meet Elaina at the Wicked Horse after meeting her on the new WH App. Elaina is just looking for a good time after a string of dating the wrong men. Is Elaina just what Benjamin needs to come alive again? Is Benjamin what Elaina needs to realize there are good men still out there? This is a great story plot and has your heart bleeding for Benjamin and rooting for Elaina to find the love she’s always been looking for.

easwain ,

Wicked Angel has some Dirty Lovin! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

Wicked Angel has some Dirty Lovin! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

Ben and Alayna have some insane chemistry and really love to get to the dirty parts! They never expected feelings, thou they keep erecting walls around the growing emotions. Both parties find hope and healing! Fantastic Read!

5 Dirty Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

charlligirl ,

Emotional ride

I found myself enjoying this story because the broken character was the male lead for once. Generally, it's the female lead that is broken. In this case, she was bruised, but he was the one who was broken. So kudos to Ms Bennett for swapping roles and showing that women can be the strong character and hold up the man.

I think you will enjoy the emotions: the fear, the strength, the determination, the anger and the love. Lance Greenfield is the perfect male narrator for this book. He has a gruff voice that works so well for this character and all he is going through. Kristen Leigh plays Elena as a fun and happy woman who is secure in her life choices. Excellent choices for this story.

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