Wicked Conjuring

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Publisher Description

A witch on the run from her cruel family. Four sinfully hot gargoyles offering her a shot at revenge... for a price.

For a witch without magic, marrying into a prominent coven was supposed be my greatest honor—and the only way to clear my father’s massive debt. But when my groom turns out to be a demon in disguise, I stab him at the altar and flee…

Straight into the arms of New York’s most notorious mobsters.

Jude, the charming but brutal psychopath. Augustine, the devilishly handsome conman. Rook, the cunning spy and hacker. And Draegan, the fearsome boss who rules his underworld empire with an iron fist.

People call them the men of shadow and stone—untouchable and unbreakable—but I know better.

They’re not men at all.

They’re gargoyles.

Ancient. Ruthless. Possessive. Way more seductive than I care to admit.

Now that I’m under their protection, they’ve vowed to take down my enemies.

But they’re taking something else in return.


Wicked Conjuring is the first book in the Claimed by Gargoyles series, a scorching hot reverse harem paranormal mafia romance featuring a feisty witch coming into her power and four fiercely possessive gargoyle gangsters with horns, tails, oh-so-sensitive wings, and special “equipment” guaranteed to leave their woman—and their readers—begging for more.

Vanessa Edwin
hr min
May 21
Two Gnomes Media

Customer Reviews

Michixlynn ,

I never knew I needed gargoyles in my life!

I have read so many of Sarah Piper’s books before reading this one and I am never ever disappointed. She somehow always gets it just perfect and I am obsessed. I never thought I needed gargoyles in my life and now I am convinced I do!

jennieruiz07 ,

Addictive Start to Series

Loving this new series from Sarah Piper. Never thought I would enjoy gargoyle smut so much and add my favorite trope, mafia romance, this story is sure to be alluring and addicting. Westlyn is forced into a marriage to pay off her father’s debts, but there is so much more at play here and she is just a pawn in a much bigger game. Dreagon saves her from her sham wedding and is now under the protection of four sinfully savage, charming, dominant gargoyles. Drea, Auggie, Rook, and Jude are all intriguing characters. They are gargoyles, only very powerful witches can detect, to the naked eye they are thought to be Fae. They have been cursed for centuries and time is running out to break the curse and be set free from their stone form. From the beginning, Vanessa Edwin, Shane East, Aiden Snow and Aaron Shedlock were all captivating storytellers. They were the perfect cast to bring this story to life. I couldn’t stop listening. Shane as Drea and Jude was so seductive, dominant and oh em gee!! this was the first time hearing Shane be so growly, yum! Aiden Snow is a new favorite voice to me. His performance as Auggie was wonderful, he was flirty and charming. Aaron Shedlock as Rook was perfect, loved his dry sense of humor and his nerdy persona. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in this story and if the gargoyles will break their curse in time.

JenniferMarie119 ,

Hooked from the beginning!

Westlyn is sold to a demon by her father to pay off his debts and she decides to run right into the protection of four gargoyles. Drae is the leader of the group, Jude psychotic but charming, Augustine the chef of the group and Rook, their computer hacker. I could not put this story down and I love how Sarah’s stories and characters always pull me in right away. The story is captivating and makes you want to keep listening to find out what will happen next. The characters are interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about them.

This audio had an amazing cast with Vanessa Edwin, Shane East, Aiden Snow and Aaron Shedlock. Vanessa plays Westlyn and is perfect casting for our strong heroine. Shane East has double duty in this book as Jude and Drae, giving a flawless performance portraying both characters who have completely different personalities. Aiden gives a great performance as the growly Augustine. Aaron plays Rook and does a great job and I’m looking forward for more from him in the rest of this series. This audio was incredible and I can’t wait for more of Westlyn and her gargoyles!